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Abortion is not about choice.  It is a very real industry which is more about power and control and MONEY.  It is a multi billion dollar industry that does not give informed consent.  By this, I mean they  do not tell those who are considering abortion the whole story.  They do not tell the women and men that they may well wonder what their child would have been like years down the road.  Johnny would like to tell you his side of this story.  It was almost a tragic story that may well have been a blimp in a news paper soon to have been forgotten by all but a few people   It was almost tragic...but then JESUS stepped in and changed the ending of this story for all eternity.  Read Johnny's story for a full picture of this industry....

Johnny and Lauren have named their precious baby Johnny.  We have included Johnny on our memorial page 


Abortion From A Father's View

Johnny and Lauren were and still are In Love they have LOVED each other for 4 years now. Johnny is 21 and Lauren is 20. they did everything together. they had made plans to get Married. but then at the age of 20 and 19 for Lauren they found out they were going to be Parents. they were BOTH scared. 

Lauren had NO Parents to ask advice from they threw her out at the age of 16. so Johnny asked his Parents for advice. they were angry and yelled at Lauren. they told her and Johnny they wanted them to have an abortion. Johnny and Lauren tried to talk to them but NOTHING worked so one day Johnny drove Lauren to the clinic.

They get there in front of the clinic were people yelling Baby killers. Lauren was scared I held her hand and we went up to the clinic. the people yelled at Lauren called her a Baby killer and slut. now i was right there with her they never said a word to me just Lauren. she looked at me and i let go of her hand she looked at me and had tears in her eyes. I walked past her and waited for her inside I hated myself for that. we went in Lauren wanted to leave but i said we have to do this. we sat down and filled  in the paper work. we sat there Lauren was in tears I was also soon I got up and ran out side. Lauren got up " Don't leave me Johnny PLEASE " they called her Name. Johnny PLEASE come with me. i sat in the car and cried.

Lauren came out. she looked awful. she was shaking and crying looking for me. I saw the people yell at her " Baby killer " I picked her up. she got in and said the Baby is dead. she reached out for me and she cried so hard and so long. I cried and held onto her tight. she said OH GOD JOHNNY what did we do?

On the way home nothing was said I looked over at Lauren she was in pain. I was wondering what she was thinking. I was thinking about my Boy that will never be born. how I could have taught him how to play Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, but he is gone. I kept thinking about Lauren what is she thinking? I dropped her off at her apartment went home and went to sleep.

Now it is a year later, Johnny and Lauren are still In Love. Johnny found out that Lauren was going to kill herself a week ago because of guilt. and little did she know I was going to kill myself that week. but we BOTH are doing OK in a way. now we are BOTH Christians and we know we will see our Child and we will be a Family then. this was in Feb.

What was Lauren thinking of after the abortion? she was thinking of our Baby what would he look like how she would never hold him in her arms. Just BECAUSE I WAS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO STAND UP TO MY PARENTS AND SAY NO WE ARE HAVING THIS

BABY I let Lauren down I let my Baby Down ALL BECAUSE I was NOT strong enough. now my Baby is gone and If i would have killed myself everyone would have blamed Lauren. " another selfish women out to hurt a father " what a LIE that would have been cause Lauren would be dead also.

When you hear about abortions think about the Parents maybe they didn't want this maybe they were weak. It's NOT always what it seems sometimes there are reasons some don't know of. so think before you call someone a baby killer and why when I was there why did they only yell at Lauren????

Oh and BTW we have talked 4 teenage girls OUT of abortions. we got them some help and they are doing fine. Thanks to some one who took time to talk Lauren out of killing herself. Pastor Ken Deemer Thank you Pastor thank you GOD.

So that is my story about abortion from the Father's view.

Thank you for reading this.



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