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 Joann is a special friend of mine. What she did not tell you is that she has cancer.  She has undergone chemotherapy several times and it has effected other parts of her body.  Joann's husband is also disabled and is going into the ministry.  He has much in common with  preacher named David Ring.   I do urge your prayers for Joann and her family as it is often difficult enough for most families without the things Joann and her family face on a daily basis.  Joann.  I honor YOU for your commitment to Jesus Christ  and your determination to be an over comer in HIS Name.


Hi I am a  38 years old  mother of 2 wonderful girls.  They are special
needs kids.  I was abused in many ways as a child.  At the age of 15,  I became
pregnant as a result of incest.  I was taken to a clinic.  Was told it was
for my own good was starting to show but didn't know exactly how far along
I was.  My father told the clinic I was fooling around and slept with several
boys.  This was not true, it was his child.  In fact he was the only one who
had sex with me.  I wouldn't even have thought about sleeping with anyone. 
Anyway they took me in a room and gave me something to make me relax and they
forced me to miscarry the baby.  Then this past June I had an involuntary
miscarriage was just one of those things I had no control over and I lost the
baby at 5 months of pregnancy  The heart had stopped as it was deformed.  I know it
was for the best that it wasn't born but all the feelings came rushing back
with the miscarriage.  It was a boy.  My husband blamed me for the loss of
his son.  He fell to pieces over the loss.  But I felt all the guilt and
again that I had over the abortion.  If it was my choice I wouldn't
have aborted that child.  I know the Lord understands my heart and he knows I
wouldn't of done it willingly but its tough getting rid of those feelings
for good for forgiving myself for these losses.  A friend of mine made a
memory page for the babies and I named them. This helped to bring closure

love, Joann

And, now for you who have gone through the violence of abortion, .forgiveness
and healing belong to God and His heart is huge toward you who walk toward
Him and long for His touch in this dark place in your soul.  It's He Who
cleans the wounds, peels off the layers, brings order to the confusion and
makes room for peace to dwell.  If you have gone through this trauma, there
is hope and help for you.

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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