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       Jesus loves even me      

Mommy look at the rose I picked for you.
I hope you come back home real soon.
I did real good at school today.

And I want you to be proud of me and pray
I cried dear Jesus give me one wish.
That mom would hug me and give a kiss.
pick me up and hold me tight

mommy and daddy please don't fight.
Just let me be a child and play.
read me story's then we pray.

Just let me run with joy.
just like any other girl or boy.
Let me laugh and smile.
Can't I just have fun for awhile.

My heart is hurt deep inside
To follow Jesus I will decide.
When Dad and mom hurt me so.
down the street to the church I'd go.
The door was always open
and soft words were spoken.

At age 12 in children's church one day
I asked Dear Jesus in my heart to stay.
even though things were bad at home for me.
I knew at church I'd be free.

There I'd be safe from all harm.
Jesus holds me in his arms.
If your crying for mom or dad to love you
Jesus is there right by you.
Just reach out take his hand this night
and he will hug you all so tight.

written by Joann Hammett 11/1/2005


Joann,  I am so glad you are my "daughter"  and that you know that Jesus does love you so very much.  My precious child...picture the girl in this YOU!  


Photo: "I Will Not Fail Thee"  

Copy write by Derek Hegstead used by permission

One of our moderators has adopted Joann as  a mom.  She wrote this poem in response to Joann's

Here is the poem I wrote
as if I were you.

Looking for the Love of my Mommy

Momma, I want your love,
I want hugs and kisses
and to sit in your lap
to hear a story about fishes.

I want you to hug me,
I need your arms to hold me.
tell me I'm special,
and tell me I'm pretty,

Mom are you okay?
Why can't you love me?
Mommy I need you.
Why can't you hold me?

Mom why can't you
tell me I'm pretty,
or tell me I'm special,
and don't let anyone hurt me.

I know God's love is here,
God knows how to love us.
Why don't you let HIM love you,
He can show you what I need?
Why don't you let HIM love you,
so you can love me too.

Mom you seem so far away.
I think you don't care.
My little heart cries
My heart is scared.

Mommy don't run from me.
Bad stuff makes me hide.
Don't let them hurt.
Mommy I ache inside.

I need a mommy
who will hug and hold me.
I need a mommy
who will share a story.

Lois A. Wiederhoeft

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