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The story you are about to read is not good, but it is far too typical in our society today. I do wonder if it would have made a difference if  he had found Shattered Men.  I do know it would have made a difference if our society was balanced and listened to his cries too.  In reading this, please remember it is his children that are hurting the most right now...children that are possibly still being told "Daddy does not love you any more, but this man has so much love for his kids he could not stand their being taken away from him!

How many more does there have to be before we listen?  How high does the body count have to be before someone will recognize that dads hurt just as much as do moms when their children are stolen from them!  This story was not written by me. I would love to have given him hope ...hope in Jesus Christ that somehow, in some way HE does make things right.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Body in truck possibly suicide

KENDALLVILLE - Police this morning were investigating the death of a man in
a truck in the Nelson Estates apartment complex this morning as a possible

At 5:09 a.m. police were called to the 1800 block of Raleigh Avenue in the
apartment complex off Sawyer Road west of Kendallville to investigate a
truck with a person inside, the engine running and a hose extended from the
exhaust pipe.

Police were still assisting the Noble County coroner in the investigation
late this morning. The man's identity was not made available this morning.

It will be up to the coroner's office to determine the cause and manner of
death, police said.


On June 2, 2003,  James Betzner of Kendellville IN. committed suicide.  He
was a father of 3 children, two of whom are grown and out of the house and
one of middle school age.
The reason he left us the way he chose, is because of the strain the Courts
of Indiana placed upon him.
He fought hard to win his youngest son in court, in fact he filed over two
dozen counts of contempt of court against his former wife for violation of
visitation.....none of them were honored.  Even when our Codes claim such
violations are a class D misdemeanor.
He was forced by the courts into psychological evaluations with a doctor
that claimed to be a stringent feminist whose office was located over 150
miles from where the court presided, at his cost of course.
He had spent over $18,000 in lawyer fees only to be abandoned by each
attorney he hired.  Of course the story goes we all know.   However
to make this short....
He lost his home, his children, his money, his rights as a human being and
his dignity as a man.......and now we have all lost his life.    All because
his wife of over 20 years decided unilaterally to call it quits.
Go to and read about a body they found in a truck.

I worked with Jim for the last 4 years, I know his story.  I shared the same
struggles through my own divorce and custody fight.  Last weekend he was
supposed to have his son for a birthday party, and he did not get him
because the ex decided against it.   I listened to him crying about the
unfairness of the courts, his ex wife and world in general not 4 days ago.
I wish I had the advise for him and wisdom then, to act like I want to
now.....however I cannot.

Please feel free to investigate this story and contact me.
Jim was a wonderful man, passionate about God, lived for his children,
brilliant, gentle, educated and talented, however he grew confused daily by
a supposed legal system that honors due process.  Are not those the same
things that drove men to a Revolution over 220 years ago on the same soil we

How many more does it take before our cries are heard?

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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