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I do not know Jay.  I do know his sister and have worked with her for some time.  I do know that Jay needs our intercessory prayers.  Although many of us are well on the road to healing, Jay's has not yet began.  There are far too many stories that need to be posted here.  There are far more that the healing has not began yet. PLEASE PRAY that this ministry  the Ministry of Shattered Men might expand we we can introduce these people to the HEALER OF BROKEN HEART. the healer of SHATTERED LIVES.

Jayís Story

Jay was born in April of 1955, on a Friday the 13th from what I have been told. I was born almost a year later. My story will come in a later posting. As his sibling I saw the hate that he suffered. Why? Simply because he was not born a girl. My dad had a perversion, an addiction for the perverted things of life. He always said he only wanted girls... and that is where I fit in. I was "his little girl" , his "princess", until sisters were born. In the meantime, Jay and I lived in hell on earth. We were forced to participate in pornography, sadistic incestuous activities, and ritual abuse. His only crime was not being born a female.. and as a punishment he was often viciously abused physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually, as well as neglected of true love. He and I were too often pitted against one another. We have never had a true brother/sister relationship. Because whenever those bonds were trying to form, we would be forced to perform with each other or others while others observed. As my brother got older... he never had the love he needed. He was unable to give that love to others.. Never able to trust. Never able to enjoy life. I have found that true Love.. It is in Jesus Christ. I, too, like Jay followed the path of drugs, alcohol, etc to try to drown out the torments of the past and the pain of living in the present, and fear of the future. But only Christ could heal my wounds.. Only Christ could deliver me from the sins of the past. Jay continues even this day on the destructive path...lost, miserable, hopeless. But my God is able to set him free as He has set me free. I give this story not to shame him, but in hopes prayers will be made, intercession on his behalf that he might know Godís love in this life, before it is too late.

Thank you. Terri (this is not my birth name).

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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