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Praise the LORD!! Mark Chumura was found innocent of child enticement (which means child molester) and sexual assault.
I listened to the trial on the radio for 3 days and can honestly say deep in my heart that this girl totally and completely lied and gave false witness against Chumura.
This poor man, yes he has been found innocent but his name is ruined, possibly his career ruined. They protected the girl by not giving her name yet his name was splashed all over the place.
I think that they should release her name now that its been proven he didnt do it and charge her with perjury and filing a false report. Its so insane that she can ruin a man and have no consequences. Anyone that heard the testimony could never believe the lies but sadly for him there are those that didn't hear it that will forever think his money or fame got him off. Yes he was stupid to put himself in that situation but the parent of one of the teens also was there drinking with his child and her friends so is he any less guilty? Yet he was never charged with allowing minors to drink nor was any minor charged with drinking. They let it all go just for the sake of "getting Chumura"
Praise God that at least the man didn't have to face 30 yrs in prison and carry the label of child molester the rest of his life.

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