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 Don't create incentives for divorce 

Letters to the Editor March 28, 2001

 Don't create incentives for divorce     

It is no exaggeration to say that politicians are destroying the foundations of American society. Many people are concerned about our high divorce rate and the large number of children affected by these broken homes. However, only the libertarians seem to have noticed that the government is paying women large subsidies to dump their husbands when the excitement wears off.      

Now the Republicans are blindly moving to pump up these subsidies. President Bush proposed to double the child-tax credit by 2006, and the congressional Republicans want to do it even faster ("Bush lobbies for quick start in tax-relief plan," March 24). They seem unaware that this credit is available only to custodial mothers, but not to the fathers who are paying child support. This is just one of at least six divorce incentives in the IRS rules, along with numerous other support programs just for mothers. Consequently women initiate about three-quarters of all divorces. Is it any wonder that divorced men's suicide rate is almost ten times that of divorced women?      


Arlington  [VA]


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