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From Mr. Bill Wood:

The recent piece of Congressional testimony for welfare reform can be seen here (109 references, 6 pages of testimony, 4 pages of references) see excerpts from the conclusion below all of these links;
A previous peice on Fatherlessness can be seen here (from the US House Ways and Means Committee - 83 references);
Legal Brief - Was REFUSED to be printed in the record, EVEN THOUGH it was properly submitted.  Also, it has been used, along with the Constitutional claims below in several cases nationwide and judges do NOT know how to deal with them.
Constitutional Questions - to use with the legal brief above, and designed to start discussion on these issues as they are VERY important.
Additional testimony on the destruction of children through "deadbeat" government programs designed to eliminate fathers.  43 Citations and references, sources also citing the previous LEGAL testimony that the committee REFUSED to publish regarding the LEGAL obligation and CONSTITUTIONAL issues that surround today's FRAUD of the family courts and custody.
LARGE .pdf (973K) - Congressional Testimony on the FRAUD of the Child Support Guidelines with legal references, social study references, periodical references, and other information.  75 Citations.  Starts on the bottom of Page 94 of the Congressional Record (page 98 in the Adobe Acrobat reader)
Then you can see some of the info that I have posted on my web site about the FRAUD of Domestic Violence and women's groups as Hate Groups here;
Divorce is so destructive to children that it is child abuse--; absolutely, hideously destructive child abuse.  Parents who want out of a marriage with children, for no good reason, or a parent whose actions are destructive to the marriage, are not fit parents.  Those who participate in divorce processing, and those who promote easier divorces as well as those opposed to strengthening marriage are pushing child abuse the same way a drug dealer pushes their poison.  Divorce perpetuates divorce like a heroin addiction in our body politic--; it continues to demand a higher and higher cost with more and more poison until it destroys and ultimately kills.
For adults, marriage creates wealth and prosperity, happiness, mental health and stability, fewer social problems, lower substance abuse, lower death, fewer health problems, and lower suicide rates.  Commitment and companionship is both a benefit and "[t]he most common reasons couples give for their long-term marital success..." [105]  Children with married biological parents benefit from lower rates of delinquency, less promiscuity, lower alcohol and drug use, do better in school, are healthier, have fewer problems with the law, are better adjusted, more emotionally stable,  have better adult relationships, lower rates of being abused, and are generally happier and more optimistic about life.


Anti-Marriage and Pro-Divorce ideologies or policies denigrating the traditional family are pro-death, pro-child abuse, pro-poverty, pro-drug abuse, pro-alcohol, pro-tobacco, anti-health, anti-woman, anti-child, uncivilized, and ultimately UN-AMERICAN AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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