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This was written on 2/4/2012 shortly after I had the 2nd total knee replacement. My 2nd nee was causing much more problems then the 1st knee and I even called one of our Shattered Men moderators at 3 in the morning for prayer and to get my mind off some intense pain in spite of some heavy duty pain medications.  That morning I started to encourage others at the nursing home and as a result, several other residents started working on their therapy and were able to go home too.   I have also been able to speak at the Sunday morning servers there when one of the activity directors asked me if I could so the Sunday service.  She asked 10 minutes before it was to start but I did speak at it. I have been doing it about every other week since then.  That night was the 2nd time that I remember being so discouraged.  The other time was just before Shattered Men was started when I realized satan had lied to me for so many years.  You can read about that time on ken's story

This is a reply I had from the person I called that night when I posted the message below in Shattered Men:

Ken called me concerning this post and his need for encouragement.  We had a
time of prayer together over the phone and I thank God we can come to Him with
our needs. It touches my heart to see the replies of encouragement that you
have given Ken. I want to make it clear that this type of care, concern, and
brotherly/sisterly love is what this group is about. Ken is founder here,
yes. But everyone of you are important. Your needs are important. We care
for one another. We pray for one another. A lot of what we do for SM is never
seen in posts because often we do so much offline, by phone or emails,
sometimes conference calls. Some things are private and don't need to be
exposed openly. As moderators (and members who chose to do so)---we pray for
one another and for the SM group as a whole. We pray for non-members that we
have burdens for.

Ken has been trying to be a witness to other residents and to staff members in
the nursing home and the hospital. There is also a couple of people (who come
to visit a resident in the nursing home) that he has especially been trying to
help during a time of crisis in this couple's life. (And God has intervened in
marvelous ways for this couple. Thank God.) All this in the midst of pain
himself and a time of trial for himself. All this in spite of the

Each of you are daily fighting battles of discouragement, of illness and
afflictions. Most of SM members are struggling financially just to survive.
There are warfare's of the mind--feelings of anger, hate, frustration, rejection,
denial, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness...etc.....
We need God and we need each other and the prayers one for another. Let us
bind together in prayer one for another. We may not all be able to speak on
the phone or see each other face to face. I know the internet can be a tool of
the devil, but we can also use it as an instrument for God and we can be a
vessel of honor for Him to be used for His cause. Let us continue to encourage
one another. Ken is appreciative of our encouragement and our prayers, but he
is not the only one who needs it, we all do.


I am not sure how to say this but I need encouragement now. For most of my
life, I have been caring for others, I have been encouraging others and for the
most part, with these knee replacements, I have been optimistic. This morning
when I woke up, I got up to plug in the wifi device which connects me to the
Internet and I could not straighten out my left leg nearly as much as I could
yesterday. In fact, yesterday was an especially painful day in PT because we
were working on extension...straightening my left leg. It is not often that I
get discouraged but I am fighting it this morning. I KNOW who is in control and
I know that GOD has been with me every moment to have such a day as this but I
am still only human. I do not like having to have help to even get up to use
the bathroom,

I know there is a reason for my being here in this care center and I want to
meet that purpose and I will not be able to do that if "I" am discouraged. I
will tell you more about some of these things later but I do have to go. It
takes me about 3 times as long to get dressed and I need to be ready for
breakfast as I have to eat with some of the meds I am on. Please pray for me
(and to be honest, this is hard for me to ask too but I need encouragement and
to have a successful PT session to regain the full use of my legs.


"I've a yearning in my heart that cannot be denied, It's a longing that has
never yet been satisfied. I want the world to know the One who loves them so,
Like a flame it's burning deep inside. To be used of God, to sing, to speak, to
pray; to be used of God to show someone the way. I long so much to feel the
touch of His consuming fire; to be used of God is my desire."


I had many replies to this message when it was posted in Shattered Men.  I replied to them with this:

There are ads on TV for pizza company that asks:

"What do you want on your tomb stone?


Since one day in Oct. 1999, I knew what I wanted on mine. I wanted: "he made
a difference! so I think you can tell how much this meant to me when I read
it. Yet satan does often try to tell us we are nobodies, that no one cares but
Shattered Men has been proving satan to be a liar time after time again when I
see people reaching out to others, to take time with them and some even opening
their home for others.

I want to thank each of you who have responded and to those who I know have been
praying for me. I ask you to keep praying for each other as Debra has said.
The Lord has blessed me greatly in so many ways and I want to see each of you be
blessed even more then me.

I do know that if GOD never does another thing for me in this life time, I still
have been blessed far more then I deserve as He has done enough for me on a hill


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