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The hidden half of domestic violence

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Hate Crime by City of Boulder, Colorado

The below is shocking.  Every study on domestic violence informs
us that at least half of serious altercations are initiated by women.
Yet, the Boulder Public Library insists on presenting this issue with
hate of men -- the "art form" is male organs strung up like trout
caught on a fishing trip.

The only difference between sexism and racism is the target for
socioeconomic abuse.   While everybody is going bananas over
fraternities at Auburn "playing" with racist imagery at fraternity
parties, the City of Boulder is living in sexism, and it thinks this
is just fine and dandy.

Is this a hate crime?  What do you suppose would happen if the
Boulder Library put up an "art show" consisting of little "arabs"
strung up as a statement about 9-11?  The ACLU would crush
the City of Boulder under a pile of lawsuits!

There should be lawsuits filed over this, for sure.  As public institutions,
Cities have to live up to certain standards of truth -- and there is nothing
to back what the City of Boulder has done, factually or would permit
permit such an intentional statement about men hiding behind the veil
of an "art form".  It is about time that radical feminists pay for their sick
attitudes through the nose.

I have had experience dealing with these people, who also like to pull
off these public stunts at shopping centers.  I suggest the following:

1. Write a letter to the editor of the Rocky Mountain News at

2. Download the ACFC handout on domestic violence and leaflet
    the library in Boulder with it.  Local activists should demand equal
    space and time in this PUBLIC facility for putting up their own
    display on domestic violence, which should be in the form of
    a well done literature stand with leaflets about the truth of
    domestic violence.

    ACFC leaflet:
    Citations by Dr. Martin Fiebert:

3. Local activists should be attending City Council meetings demanding
    the immediate resignation of the top brass at the library, along with
    anyone involved in setting this public hate crime up, and raise a major
    stink utilizing every First Amendment right available to them, until the
    City Council makes adequate reparations.


Rocky Mountain News
November 8, 2001

Boulder library's 'string of penises' artwork miffs some
by Lynn Bartels and Julie Poppen, News Staff Writers

BOULDER -- If it's any consolation, from a distance they look like socks
hanging on a clothesline.

That's the assessment from Karen Ripley, director of cultural programs for
the Boulder Public Library.

She is stunned at the outcry over a piece of art that features 21 ceramic
. . . ummm . . .. men's appendages, which are displayed on a clothesline in
the library. It's entitled "Hung out to dry."

"Men find this disturbing, but women find it amusing," Ripley said.

"I think it's rather powerful myself," said Julia Wrapp, a city planner
who was attending another function at the library Wednesday night.

The artwork is part of an exhibition sponsored by Safehouse, which assists
women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The exhibit,
"Art Over Domestic Violence," has been on display at the library gallery
since Oct. 19.

Not surprisingly, Ripley said, the artwork by domestic violence victims
features themes about men, women, sexuality and violence.

"The whole point of the exhibit is to make people think about domestic
violence," Ripley said. "The Safehouse is trying to bring it to the
public's attention."

Ripley said the library hadn't received a single complaint until what is
known as the "flag flap."

Marcelee Gralapp, longtime library director, initially refused a staff
request to display a large American flag from the glass ceiling at the
library's south entrance. She has since relented, but the brouhaha
resulted in public scrutiny.

Ripley said 52 people called the library Monday over the flag flap, and
three of them mentioned the clothesline piece.

Radio talk-show host Peter Boyles on Wednesday discussed the artwork.

A sign outside the gallery alerts visitors that they may find the display
offensive. It says: "This exhibit contains mature material that may be
objectionable to some."

The gallery is the site of a variety of community events, including a
celebration Wednesday night of the 50-year anniversary of the city's
planning department.

Community activist Ricky Weiser said she saw a young boy stare at
the clothesline exhibit. Then she heard his mother say, "No dear, they're
corn cobs."

Planning director Peter Pollock said it was hard for the planning
department's anniversary party to compete with media attention over
the clothesline piece.

"Fifty years of planning doesn't cut it when you have a string of
penises," he said.

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Colorado Library Exhibit Pushes Boundaries of What Defines Art,2933,38368,00.html
by Catherine Donaldson-Evans -- Fox News, 08 Nov 01


Barry Gutierrez News

A string of 21 ceramic penises hang in the art gallery of the Boulder Public Library. The artwork is titled "Hung out to dry," an exhibition sponsored by Safehouse, which assists women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

PLEASE NOTES:  I have included this picture for often just words will not tell the horror if what is going on.   This should shock all of us into doing all we can to protect ALL OUR PEOPLE.

New Information  11/16/01,1299,DRMN_15_877456,00.html

Rocky Mountain News
November 14, 2001

Boulder's penis pilferer cited
Man who removed 21 ceramic phalluses from library exhibit charged
by Owen S. Good, News Staff Writer

BOULDER -- The admitted thief of 21 ceramic penises from art exhibit
received a criminal summons Tuesday afternoon.
Bob Rowan, 49, went to police headquarters to get the summons for
misdemeanor criminal tampering. He is scheduled to appear in court Jan.

"The government doesn't really want us to keep pornography out of our
public library," said Rowan, explaining his Saturday morning pilfering.
Before a few witnesses, he plucked 21 multicolored ceramic penises from a
clothesline strung through the Boulder Public Library's Canyon Gallery,
site of the "Art Triumphs Over Domestic Violence" exhibit.

Rowan then pinned up a 3x5 cloth U.S. flag and his calling card: "El Dildo
Bandito was here."

The penises were part of "Hanging 'Em Out to Dry," by Boulder artist
Susanne Walker. The sculptures, coupled with a previous controversy in
which the head librarian refused to make a patriotic display of a large
American flag, offended Rowan, and spurred him to action.

"It's a real kick in the groin to our boys overseas," said Rowan, wearing
his signature tam-o'-shanter and a T-shirt that said "Viva El Bandito"
over U.S. and Mexican flags. His wife, Kathryn, 4-year-old daughter Alison
and the family dog accompanied him Tuesday to a meeting with police Sgt.
Doyle Thomas.

Rowan was charged with tampering, not theft, because it would have been
impossible to prove Rowan meant to keep the penises, said District
Attorney Mary Keenan. Just after Rowan's caper he said he placed the
penises in a box to be mailed back to the library.

Their monetary value also would be hard to prove; in the exhibit catalog
at the gallery the penises are listed not for sale. Other works range from
$750 to $3,000.

Rowan's tampering charge is a Class II misdemeanor, carrying a possible
penalty of three to 12 months in jail and a $250 to $1,000 fine.

The decision to wait to charge Rowan drew fire from the Boulder County
chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, whose chairman demanded
that the police department protect its citizens' First Amendment rights
and arrest Rowan. A city spokeswoman had said police were leaving the
decision to press charges against Rowan up to the artist.

Keenan denied that prosecution is up to the victim. "There are cases where
what the victim has to say is very important, but the charges are not
brought by the victim," she said.

A city news release said the decision to charge Rowan came after Walker
met with Thomas on Monday, and detectives consulted with the district
attorney's office on Tuesday.

Police Chief Mark Beckner defended the police work as standard procedure
for a highly charged case.

"The Boulder Police Department has an outstanding record of protecting
First Amendment rights," he wrote in a response to the ACLU. "We go to
great lengths and expense to protect those rights, and take that role

Whatever happens in court, it appears Rowan's deed achieved its purpose.
Boulder County Safehouse, sponsor of the art exhibit, said it will not
rehang the penises, citing concerns they may be stolen again.

Contact Owen S. Good at (303) 442-8729 or

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Children's sensibilities ignored in 'art' exhibit  [bottom of webpage]

Letter # 1 (of 2):
As a parent, and former Lakewood High School librarian, I speak to
decision-makers in our community. Please consider the children. The
decision of those at the Boulder Public Library to not hang our flag was
just stupid, but displaying the "string of penises" in a library where
parents and teachers take children creates a ripple effect of problems
("Boulder library's 'string of penises' artwork miffs some," Nov. 8).
Imagine yourself teaching a newspaper unit with copies of the Rocky
Mountain News for each student in a middle school classroom on the day
when this kind of news is reported. Or taking a group of students to the
BPL for a field trip. Or knowing your high school student is going there
to do research tonight.

Yes, we cherish our freedom from censorship, but with it comes the
responsibility to make good decisions.

Placing non-controversial material in public and school libraries, is not
censorship, but wisdom. There is nothing stopping citizens from going
elsewhere to get controversial material.

Further, as a victim of domestic abuse, I am angered by the concept of
hanging male genitalia in a public place. One of the important parts of
the healing process for me was to recognize that most men are not abusive.
Hanging representations of either sex's genitalia is not a healthy way to
ponder men or women. Shame on Safehouse, which is a fine organization in
principle, for including this work in its exhibit. I am one woman who does
not find this amusing.

Cindy Crockett

Letter # 2 (of 2):
The priorities of the savage feminists in Boulder (as in boulders for brains)
is nowhere more evident than in the fact the city's library director initially
refused to allow an American flag to hang in the library but apparently
endorses the display of 21 ceramic penises in the plain sight of children.

The message of these enlightened Amazons -- including the benighted folks
at Safehouse -- conveyed with zero subtlety to these children and the rest
of civilized society, is that it's OK to castrate the male of the species

If the Boulder city administration had an ounce of guts they'd call for
"cultural programs" director Karen Ripley's immediate firing, but she'll
probably get a cultural achievement award instead because, in her words,
"women find it [the penises] amusing."

I wonder how funny they'd think it was if some divorced fathers who've
lost any meaningful contact with their children due to women's vicious
perjury and false allegations strung up 21 vulvae in the library.

Robert Muchnick
Executive director, Center for Children's Justice Inc.
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I have called each of the following numbers to file a formal complaint and to remind them that this display

WAS AND IS A HATE CRIME.   It also would be classified as sexual abuse to our children. 


Federal Bureau-Investigation    1050 Walnut St # 219    Boulder, CO  303) 443-4900

Boulder County Police Chief    1805 33rd St    Boulder, CO   (303) 441-3310 

 Boulder City Manager     1777 Broadway St    Boulder, CO     (303) 441-3090 



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