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HE Did It Again!

Jan 21 2012

I wanted to tag this from my heart to yours message to "For Such A Time As This
because our wonderful awesome LORD did it again.

I was notified that my main insurance would only approve me to last Friday and my
secondary insurance would have a co-payment too large for us to justify staying
longer BUT....I am still here. Both I and Deb said in this first part that we
do not think GOD is finished "For such a time as this". We were right.
Something else happened that could not have happened had I gone home yesterday.

I got a phone call at 3:22 AM. This is after I took a morphine pill a short
time before. I talked to the person who called me for about a half hour when I
suggested he and his wife come to talk to me right then. Remember, if I had
gone to the other extended care, I would not have been able to have someone come
to visit after 9 PM. Also, if I had gone home, this would not have been
possible either. GOD arranged for me to stay here until Wed when I will be
discharged from here to be admitted at Community hospital. Again, it was the
right time, the right place and everything was set in place by the nailed
scarred hands. I did have two people come here around 4 AM and we talked until
after 6 AM. The nurse did knock on the door to bring me my 6 AM meds and then
left. Yes, it is the same couple we were talking to in this previous message.
I also called Debra right after I asked them both to come here and we had
prayer together. Deb prayed for strength, wisdom and for my voice to be OK
when they came as she knows meds have been leaving my mouth really dry which in
turn makes it hard to speak.

When Deb posted an urgent call to prayer, If I remember right, she also said
that this battle is not over and we could see this. We know that anytime any of
us makes a major step at being closer to the LORD, satan will try to block it in
any way he can. As a Christian, we can expect a major counter attack anytime we
have a victory. My friend, when we see this counterattack, we do NOT have to
fall for it, The same GOD that gave us the victory in the first place is the
same GOD who will help us maintain the victory. We know beyond a doubt that
satan has NO MORE power then we will allow him to have.

There is so much scripture to tell us this that I would not be able to post all
of them. I am tired right now and I do plan on getting some sleep before I see
these people shortly but I will tell you that we are told that we are MORE than
conquerors IF we follow our commander in chief. IF we obey HIM, we can NOT
lose. I have written many messages to show us this and to show that the BEST
thing we can ever do is to accept Christ as our savior and the next best thing
we can do is to make Jesus our LORD. This applies to this couple and it applies
to YOU regardless of your problem. Again NO I will not promise that you will
never have another problem, but I will promise that you WILL have someone you
can turn to...someone who has promised to be our strong arm and defender, to be
our shield and our shelter in time of storms.

I have so much I can add to this but I do need to get a nap but I will close
with the invitation that if you do not know the LORD, if you do not know beyond
a doubt that you will go to heaven, please read

I also know that we have a few here that can add to this the things I would add
if I did not need to get some rest now.


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