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Greg's Story

This topic is very relevant to me, as I had to take out a protective
order against my bipolar wife when she turned violent towards the
children and me. The result was that she was provided with a pro bono
attorney who aided her in snatching the children, relocating them to
a battered women's shelter, obtaining subsidized housing, furnishing
her new dwelling,
and mobilizing as many forces as possible against
me. The location is Montgomery County, Maryland, a.k.a. the People's
Republic of Montgomery County, where the infamous Katzelenbogen vs.
Katzelenbogen case took place in which a husband, calling to the
police for assistance against a violent wife, was later fined $2000
for doing so. I can easily believe it happened, because when I called
the police once to assist me in taking out my belongings so that I
could sleep in a safe place, the police bellowed at me, telling me
that I had no right to leave my wife, no matter what she did.

It's not as if we would be out of line for demanding equal treatment.
That should start with shelters for battered men, pro bono attorneys
for men facing violence, and all the rest. My question is: when will
it start?

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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