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The Greatest Story


I am sure that if we went to a public library or to a university English class
to ask what the greatest story every told was, we would get almost as many
answers as we ask people. Some would say "War and Peace" or Gone With the Wind"
while others may tell of stories such as "Moby Dick" or "Citizen Cane" Oh we
would have hundreds of different answers depending who we asked and were we
asked it.

I have no doubt that if we asked this question...What is the greatest story ever
told in most of our churches, we would get many answers also such as "The
Chronicles of Narnia," or any of the Love Comes Softly stories by Janette
Oke. We could name hundreds of them that have been written and told time and
time again.

What is the greatest story? NONE of the above!

Tell me the story of Jesus
Write on my heart every word
Tell me the story most precious
Sweetest that ever was heard

Tell how the angels in chorus
Sang as they welcomed His birth
Glory to God in the highest
Peace and the tidings to earth

Fasting alone in the dessert
Tell of the days that are past
How for our sins He was tempted
Yet was triumphant at last

Tell of the years of His labor
Tell of the sorrow He bore
He was despised and afflicted
Homeless rejected and poor

Tell of the cross where they nailed Him
Suffering in anguish and pain
Tell of the grave where they laid Him
Tell how He liveth again

Love in that story so tender
Clearer than ever I see
Stay let me weep while you whisper
Love paid the ransom for me

Sweetest that ever was heard

My friend, if you have not heard this story, the story of the ages and the only
one that will make an eternal difference for you, please read:

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