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Invisible Goldfish

Last Saturday when I woke up, I felt an overwhelming feeling of depression.
This is when posted a request for prayer as I called one of our moderators who
prayed with me as we now depression is a result of not trusting our LORD.
(please be aware that some depression is a result of chemical imbalances in our
body and GOD) This was just before I had to go to the dinning room for
breakfast. It was then that I spotted two baggies filled with water on my
chair. (They were originally filled with ice for my knees) I got them an went
along in my wheel chair to every gullible person I could find and asked them if
they wanted to see my newest pet, invisible goldfish! The morning nurse even
came up leaned over my shoulder to see them when she heard me tell someone they
were invisible goldfish. She just shrugged her head and walked way. I got
everyone in the dinning room too as I said they were expensive fish because they
It got smiles from everyone in the room, including a few that have rarely
smiled since I have known them. Later that morning, I told the nurse that I had
bad news (as I made a sad face) When she asked what it was, I said my gold fish
died. She asked how I knew they died. I said as I lifted the bag of
water....that they were all upside down!
After I had an exceptionally painful therapy session I had a new bag of ice and
as lunch was ready, I proudly went into the dinning room and said I had good
news, I had gotten a bunch of invisible goldfish eggs as I showed the bag of ice
to people. One lady who has had a very difficult time and rarely ever smiled
actually burst out laughing.

That was so good to see!

Invisible Goldfish! Actually, if they were completely invisible, there would
be no reason to have them in your aquarium. What good is it to have a fish you
could not see? They would almost be useless!
My friend, I there are some things that are really invisible. We know GOD is
invisible but there are tens of thousands of ways we know HE is there, the best
is that HE is ALIVE in my heart!
Air is invisible until we see it move the trees and feel it against our face.
Most of these invisible things are invisible by design but there is one major
area where something is invisible and it is tragic that they are.

Instead of invisible goldfish, let's talk about...Invisible CHRISTIANS!

I have seen many Christians that I know without a doubt that they are my
brother or sister in Christ without even hearing a word from them. There is a
glow about them and our Spirits unite with each other. If they sang "I'm so
happy I'm a Christian" you would know it is not just words. There are others we
would wonder about. The are an invisible Christian. Jesus is the light of the
world and we are suppose to be a light for others too. Let's look at Matthew 5.

14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a
candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and
glorify your Father which is in heaven.

I see a few things here. We are told we are a light to the world but from
this, we can gather that there are those who hide their light under bushels. I
have seen a lot of people who are bright shining lights when they are in Sunday
go to meetings BUT the moment they leave, up comes the bushel to hide that
light. Ummm maybe...just maybe the have never had that candle lit in the first
place. What if each person in the world were a candle? What if, since Jesus is
the Light of the world, we become HIS when our candle is lit? We would have to
show our lit for someone else's candle to be lit would we not?

My friend, we are told to go into all the world to preach the gospel. We were
not told that we are to hide it.

Jesus also said in Matthew 7:20 that it is by our fruits we are known. My
friend, if it were against the law to be a Christian (as it soon will be), would
their be enough evidence to convict you? Personally, I want there to be so much
evidence with me that I would not be able to get a fair trial anywhere.

No, there are no invisible fish but there are invisible Christians. I assure
you that they are not pleasing GOD by remaining invisible. Think for a
moment, if you have a son or daughter, how would you feel if they did everything
to avoid anyone finding you that YOU were their mom or dad?

Take the bushel off from your candle. Let your light shine to a darkened
world. It will draw others to you so that you can share the gospel with them
and you can play a part in lighting their candle!

My friend, If you do not know this Man we, keep talking about, this Man with
the nailed scarred hands whose name is JESUS, please take a few moments to read

T First Step to Better Relationship

For those who have been hiding the fact that you are a Christian, first of all,
read the link above to make sure you ARE a Christian, then read this one:

My friend, we know satan has been causing each of us a lot of heartache and
pain BUT the very best way you can get back at him, the best way YOU can cause
satan pain is to first become a child of GOD and then to tell others about JESUS
so they tool will accept HIM as their Savior.

Let us each make our light shine a little more brightly!


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