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Sensitivity to the spiritual world is acquired one of two ways. One: When a person is severely demonized they are very sensitive to the demonic forces around them. Satan uses this as a means of torment and confusion and deception. It would take me a book to explain each of these. I will be as brief as possible but try to give you a little understanding and the way to fight back.

Torment: fear and various attacks, (1Jo 4:18); he tries to show that he has power and control over his victims and attempts to lead them in believing this. Often the victim or host thinks they are going crazy. (I haven't been given the spirit of fear but of a sound mind, power and love, 2Ti 1:7. I am a child of God that keeps him/herself and you can't touch me, 1Jo 5:18. Your power has been broken, 1Jo 3:8. I am a coheir (Ro 8:17) with Jesus and have been given authority over ALL your power and you cannot harm me, Lu 10:19).

Confusion, (1Co 14:33): To keep their identity hidden as well as their reason for being there. To hide the door used for entry as well as the stronghold that allows them to stay. To make you feel powerless and crazy. Answer: sound mind. My mind has been renewed, (Ro 12:2, Col 3:10). Jesus is My Lord! Iíve been bought by the price of HIS blood, (1Co 6:20)! Jesus is order and peace! Jesus has set each star in place, each mountain, each animal and each person in their place. I am the handiwork of Jesus made wondrously for HIS glory, (Ps 139:14)! I have the peace that Jesus left me, (Joh 14:27)! Peace beyond understanding!

Deception, (Re 12:9): that Satan (the demon(s)) is in control and has all power over you and every where else. If you follow him, he will lead you in the right path. That the torment will cease. I am in Jesus and have dominion over you and all your kind, (2Co 6:16, Eph 1:21). You have been placed under my feet by the blood and the resurrection of Jesus to whom I belong, (Ro 16:20). The keys of life and death have been ripped from your hands, (Mt 16:19). You and your power have been vanquished into the fiery pit of hell and there is no redemption for you, (Re 1:18). Your smoke and torment shall ascend forever and ever, Oh how you have fallen Lucifer, (Isa 14:12)! I have been raised up with Jesus, (Ro 6:4)! I sit with HIM in heavenly places far above all your power and dominion, (Eph 2:6). I crush your head even now in the name of Jesus, (Ro 16:20,Ge 3:15)! Be gone and do not return, (Mr 9:25)! I am the fragrance of life everlasting! I am salt, (Mt 5:13)! I am light, (Mt 5:14)! I shine the light of truth upon you, (Joh 8:44)! Leave you are defeated and have no place, (Joh 16:1)! In the name of Jesus Christ!

That should give you a good Idea on dealing with them. Remember Truth encounter before Power encounter. I tell everyone that they must get in the WORD and stay there, (Ps 119:105, 2Ti 2:15, Heb 4:12)!

If you are physically seeing them: Call upon the holy angels of the Lord, (Heb 1:14). Put the blood of Jesus "directly on them"; tell them I make you subject to the blood of Jesus! Make them tell you their name and their legal right to be there, (Ro 8:72, Co 2:11). Close the door of entry and stronghold. Send them to the abyss bound in unbreakable chains, (2Pe 2:4, Jude 1:6,Re 20:1), in the name of Jesus Christ! Often they will quickly hide (go down) or resist in various ways before you get to interrogate them, (Mr 5:9). You can "Lock them in the room" in the name of Jesus. Have the Angels bind them or keep them (up) there at swords point, (Ps 103:20).

Two: The gift of Discernment is to distinguish good from evil and truth from false (mostly) in the spiritual realm, (1Co 12:10, Mal 3:18). This mostly means that when Satan uses people to say or do things in the flesh you can see the truth from the false, Not necessarily in the spiritual realm, (Mr 8.33). Understand? This gift normally works as an "inner knowing". It works like this: the Holy Spirit witnesses to your spirit man (inner man) and in your mind, you get the understanding, (Acts 5:3). This is not the only form of "inner man" communication, however, I will leave it here for now, (Eph 3:16, Ac 11:12). Anyway, You normally sense the presence of evil spirits sometimes so strongly that you virtually see them. This often correlates with their power (where their ranking is in the demonic hierarchy) (Eph 6:12) and or how many their are present (This is in churches, houses, etc.). You may walk past a place; say a chair or house, etc., and feel/sense their presence and their nature/name. You often physically see their symptoms/evidence in the people that they are in but not the demon(s) themselves. You also sense them. They (demons) often manifest in varies ways in your presence even when you are unaware of their presence, (Lu 8:28). Their fear of the Holy Spirit in you forces them up. It also means that their time to go has come. The Lord leads you through the needed steps for that person, (Ac 8:29).

In the case of false tongues they "ring false." They sound close but not quite right. They are missing the purity of truth, (1Jo 4:1)! Yes, I have heard and discerned false tongues. Unclean spirits are angels that chose to follow Satan, (Re 12:4). They have been since before man and before earthly languages. These rebellious angels have and are in every culture, therefore, they speak every language and their own spiritual tongue, (1Co 13:1). However, they cannot understand our heavenly language giving to us by Father for we speak to God, (1Co 14:2).

Angels of false light (2Co 11:14) whether their words or physical sight: words are just slightly twisted, (Ga 1:8, Ro 1:25). They always tell you more than what God the Holy Spirit would tell you! This is an attempt to give you "evidence" that what they say is true. They will often give you help with things of "this world", (Ac 16:16); not Jesus centered, (Ro 12:2)! They will speak of "god" but do so obliquely. Example: "trust god, he is with you and will heal, help, etc. over time" (1Jo 4:1). In the physical seeing of angels of false light: Again it is almost but not quite right. The light is a dead light. It is bright and white but it has no life. It lacks the life and softness. It lacks the gentleness, the energy; it has no love, no life, no light! I cannot put it into human words for human understanding. You know it when you know it. LOL! Thank God for discernment! Do NOT go by sight; test EVERY spirit or angel! Here is the test but they should almost exactly this; I serve Jesus Christ who is God. Who came in the flesh, conceived by the Holy Spirit in the virgin Mary. This same Jesus suffered, died, was resurrected, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. This is my God and whom I serve! (1Jo 4:3)

The Holy Spirit may tell you audibly or place it in your spirit, or by vision, or by giving you a passage, HE (The Holy Spirit) may speak it to your heart. HE may force the demon to manifest. HE may cause you to say the right thing that hits the demonic core of pretense (the lie used to trap the person), which causes the demon to recoil or protest or and or and or. You know the voice of Jesus and thus the voice of the Holy Spirit and the way HE functions with you (yes it varies a little from person to person. God made us each different! Yet the same truth always holds, for Jesus Christ is the rock. HE is the Head). At times, the Lord opens your spiritual eyes and you see the demons, however, this is to be considered an exception to the general principals of discernment.

You maybe wondering: How in the world do you operate on such varying rules of combat? The answer is you don't! God is in control and HE alone leads and guides, tells, and shows, (Ro 8:14,Ga 5:25). HE will highlight certain things and or actions, LOL, or and or and or, ROFLOL! Anyway, it is not mystic at all and there is no feeling of mystery etc. You simply see and you KNOW. The bottom line is there are no rules! It is war, (2Co 10:4)! A war that speaking from the flesh is like gorilla warfare; full of tricks, deception, lies, false hoods, half truths, turn arounds, switchbacks, all ending in death for the people of God caught in the snare or the net of the fowler! You may now say what do you mean lies etc. I know it is common knowledge! What is so difficult? How about hate masquerading as love or anger masquerading as peace or death posing as suicide or murder, angels of darkness posing as angels of light, false Jesus'. In some instances they appear to help the victim, to deliver, to heal, then when the time is right they get the "mighty revelation" (2Pe 2:1) during the acceptance of all these things the victim is taken over and the light of Jesus is replaced with a non-light of Satan. It is truly a miracle if the victim of such deception is bought into the truth of the real Jesus Christ! I have had visions of certain people with carpenter's clamps around their head indicating that they could not hear the TRUTH. (The person was a Jehovahís Witness.) Let us never cease to pray for those sincere people whom have been deceived and believed the lie. We will see much more of this from this point on! In fact in mass quantities as they now begin to evangelize the lie clothed as truth, (Mt 15:91, Ti 4:1, 2Ti 4:3, Heb 13:9, 2Jo 1:9, Re 17:5). The door slowly closes, (2Th 2:11). It brings me to tears. The net and the snare are almost set! The wicked and the deceived shall not escape! Have mercy O Lord My God! I intercede on behalf of the world and those whom are deceived. Forgive O Lord! Close not the way of escape. What is crooked make straight! Show forth your Love; touch them with truth and Light. They are sincere O Lord in seeking you! Surly they would love the truth if they could see open their eyes! Do not the evil one blind them. Show them the way of escape clearly, heal, and deliver in your compassion and mercy! Arise and forgive! Let them not perish! Show them light, life and Love! Shall they not turn unto you! Lord My God the breath of your nostrils spins the earth from its orbit. You O Lord My God blinks your eye and the seas turn to tempest! Your Love O Lord is deeper than we can comprehend! Save them from the pit, from the net, from the snare for your namesake! Shall those in Hell praise you! Shall they worship you from the grave O Lord! Have mercy dear God and let them not perish O Lord MY God! Arise with salvation in thy hand and on thy lips! Speak O Lord and it shall be down in heaven and in earth! For you are the glory and power and honor! The creator of good and evil! All things tremble before you! Arise and save O Lord in the depths of your mercy! That was a flood! I suppose since it happened here (on this letter) it is meant for you and or the Warriors. I will send this out to all the Warriors, Of course nothing of what you wrote.

Let me close this section with, the gift of Discernment is not a gift that a person would desire to have if they had a sane cell in their body. You are either called into spiritual warfare or you perish.It is war in the darkest of night!

May God Keep you and bless you, Amen. Shane

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