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You remember the "WORLDWIDE SENSATION"?

The story of a battered woman's dramatic rescue from a half-
year's nightmare captivity attracted attention from around the world,
especially after Pate told her story Thursday on ABC and CNN.
"Katina Shaddix says life with her beefy boyfriend, trucker
Shannon Jones, was a highway to hell," was how one newspaper led off
its report.
"Victimized by Trucker From Hell," said the headline in

I am sure the feminist were ready to make her their next poster girl.
I could just see it, her picture plastered all over to encourage the
next wave of VAWA Acts.....except one does not look like
it happened. Once again, the information is false.

THE WOMAN, who initially gave her name as Katina Shaddix, was charged
after Laurens County sheriff's deputies fingerprinted her to confirm
her identity Thursday night. She was arrested Friday and released on
$500 bail.

Lisa Jones, who said her husband was a distant relative of Shannon
Jones, said Pate visited the beauty shop periodically over the past
year, most recently on April 13, and never showed signs of abuse or
indicated that anything was wrong.
The last time, "she came in driving the tractor-trailer, and
she left in the tractor-trailer by herself," Lisa Jones said,
according to the Telegraph.

Somehow however, I feel it is still going to be the man's fault.....

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