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First, Remove the Fathers
First, Remove the Fathers
Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
First, remove the Fathers. It's not Shakespeare (First, kill all the
lawyers), but it is a drama that rivals Oedipus in its parallels and
It started out as the "Great Society" and, 30 years later, became the
"Welfare State".
In that same span of less than one generation, the black family was
decimated and the State became parent to 70% of its black children. How
was this accomplished by the Great Society? Simply by throwing money at
black women for having more babies and, "no man in the house". That was
the basic tenet of the welfare contract. "We will support you and your
children at subsistence levels as long as you remain unencumbered by the
male parent."
"A woman (And her child) needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."; sayeth
the State, parroting the Women's Movement.
Across this nation today, the burgeoning prison industry is populated by
more than 50% black males, even though the black population of the United
States is hovering in the neighborhood of 14% (about half of whom are
females - making the proportion of imprisoned black males even more
pronounced). From the professional experience of working within a State
prison population, I can attest to you that 85% of these males grew up
without a father presence, or even knowledge of who he might be.
Has there ever been a more dramatic and clear-cut outcome in any social
science study? Is this not validation of countless contemporaneous
scientific studies that have pointed to the many real threats to
fatherless children? These studies have grown more numerous in recent
years, but this is merely a reiteration of what had been discovered more
than fifty years ago in the period following WWII. Social scientists of
the Forties detected a social disruption caused by the removal of the vast
numbers of American males to foreign shores. Those who had married and
left children and wives behind returned to find wives that had become
symbiotically attached to their children and more invested in their
maternal families than their own nuclear one.
But no one seems to be listening, or taking the information seriously. A
columnist contacted me the other day asking for a data source
demonstrating "how a marriage helps kids". I reported back to this
individual, somewhat tardily and apologetically, on some of the most
powerful outcomes obtained by various authors and researchers. And the
response was: "Not too late, but not too useful, either. This is typical
of lots of the data I've seen, five years or more old. I'm looking for the
freshest data and best example of how marriage helps kids. "
This was stunning. Validity was being judged by recency if not immediacy,
not content nor scientific rigor. "Lots of data", no acceptance. I'm
reminded of the adage - For those who would hear, no explanation is
needed; For those who would not, no explanation is sufficient.
An astute observer, Rev. Jesse Lee Patterson (President of B.O.N.D.
[ ]) recently observed:
White Americans are afraid to deal "straight up" with this issue for fear
of being called racists, and as a result, this wicked government takeover
is now spreading into the mainstream. We are now beginning to see the
dissolution of the family, open mockery of the man, and fathers being
removed from their homes via false accusations of spousal abuse. The love
of the family is being drained away.
Rev. Patterson proposes to "Rebuild the Family By Rebuilding the Man."
And not a moment too soon, particularly if that primarily involves
rebuilding the image of men and fathers - not just reiterating more
The growing power of the State over the family is becoming near total.
Just this past Friday (7/27/01) the State of Oregon assumed just such a
totalitarian stance. The Seattle Intelligencer announced "the Children's
Plan by Kitzhaber" [posted separately]. Under this plan:
"All Oregon parents could have their first-born children screened for
medical and social problems under a state-funded program signed into law
by Gov. John Kitzhaber yesterday. ... Kitzhaber, a former emergency room
physician, says more screening of children for possible developmental
risks, such as a parent's drug or alcohol abuse, can help reduce juvenile
crime, failures in school and other social problems. ... The measure "sets
Oregon apart from the rest of the nation in terms of our vision, our
commitment and our resolve toward helping children," Kitzhaber said before
signing the measure, HB3569."
And just exactly what happens when the State finds that these parents fail
to meet its criteria? And what will be the criteria? Substance abuse?
Spousal abuse (based on whose report and what evidence)? Practice
Christian religious beliefs? Own a firearm? Raise their children with
basic moral and ethical beliefs - and spanking? Demand that their children
take responsibility for their actions? Refused a trip to Disneyland?
Ten of thousands of American children are being removed from their
parents' homes for just exactly such "justifications", to be raised by
States throughout the Union. And at least in one case I know of, sent to
Disneyland on taxpayer dollars.
Are you shivering yet? Is Oregon merely the vanguard in reaching the
"final solution" to the "parent problem"? (For those the same age as the
columnist who contacted me, this is the wording used in Hitler's Germany
to justify the onset of the Holocaust. Just substitute the word "Jewish"
in place of "parent".)
Once again I will call upon the un-minced, un-spun message of Rev.
Patterson to suggest the answer to this potentially virulent State
takeover of the family:
"I have attempted to show the level of destruction that the United States
government, and now the United Nations, is capable of achieving by simply
removing the father from the family equation. Understand that the black
family, as it exists today, is a living microcosm of this destruction. In
order to change the hell that has taken over our once-noble nation, we
must first put fathers and mothers back together, take back the authority
(over) our children from the government, reaffirm a strong belief in God
and country, get the United States out of the United Nations, and say
"hell, no!" to the U.N.'s Convention on the Rights of the Child."
Amen Reverend; A-MEN!
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