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Fake rape claims end career

Isn't it interesting the Board of Examiners approvingly passed Ms."X" and
endorsed her becoming an attorney despite her having made false
accusations of rape, while it took a third party challenge before the
court actually determined that perhaps Ms. "X" would be a less than
desirable practitioner.  This writer wonders if perhaps the Board of
Examiners needs reexamination.

University of Minnesota researchers indicate 70% + of all abuse
accusations brought in child custody cases are false and laid in order to
gain an advantage.
  A Massachusetts judge recently admitted 209A
protection orders are being abused to gain legal advantages in custody
  The ABA teaches courses at their conventions to attorneys on how
to tie abuse charges and associated orders into domestic litigation cases.

It's long past time for the bringers of false accusations to face stiff
civil and criminal penalties for such slanders.  There are still places in
the world which recognize the devastation caused by being falsely accused
and where such actions bring long prison sentences.

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05 Nov 01

Fake rape claims end career
From AAP

AN aspiring solicitor who pleaded guilty to making false accusations of
sexual assault to the police, should not be allowed to practice law in
Victoria, a Supreme Court judge ruled today.

Mr Justice David Harper was handing down his judgment in a case in which
the Victorian Law Institute challenged a decision to approve the woman's
application for a certificate to practice law.

The application had previously been granted by the Board of Examiners.

The woman, whose name has been suppressed, and was referred to as "Ms X",
last year pleaded guilty in a magistrate's court to six charges of making and
causing false reports to be made to the police.

In those reports, she falsely alleged that she had been raped by a man
whom she identified to the police.

In two other calls, when she again said she had been raped, she pretended
to be a child.

The woman - who did not give evidence at the Supreme Court hearing over
the application - had claimed that a mental condition triggered by memories
of sexual abuse as a child had caused her to make the false reports.

Today, Justice Harper ruled that the woman was not a "fit and proper
person" to practice law in Victoria.

The judge said that there was much evidence to show that the woman had
"not properly taken into her conscious mind, let alone adequately
confronted and dealt with the nature of the false allegations made by her."

She had little if any insight into the impact those allegations may have had
"on innocent persons accused of crimes of a particularly repellent nature".

Justice Harper said: "The evidence, in my opinion, points to the
conclusion that the defendant is not at present a fit and proper person to
be admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor of this court."

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