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3,780 EXCESS MALE DEATHS, AND COUNTING On February 14, Rep. Duke Cunningham and Jim McDermott introduced the Men's Health Act (HR 632), to establish the Office of Men's Health in DHHS.  Their bill hit a nerve, because the bill now has 68 co-sponsors (see list below). Cunningham and McDermott also mailed a letter to DHHS Secretary Tommy Thompson asking him to administratively establish the Office of Men's Health. The DHHS has finally responded. Arthur J. Lawrence, PhD, just wrote Men's Health America, and had this to say: "We agree that men's health issues warrant more attention.... While we have not yet taken a position on the bill creating an Office of Men's Health, you can be sure we are studying it carefully, and will take a position at the appropriate time." Each year, there are about 30,000 excess male deaths in this country.  That translates into 84 unnecessary deaths each day. Forty-five days have now passed since the Men's Health Act was first introduced. Since then, 3,780 men have died needlessly. Maybe one of these persons was a man in your life. WE CAN'T ALLOW THE DHHS TO QUIETLY FORGET ABOUT THE Office of Men's Health. IT'S TIME TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINION ON THE NEED FOR AN OFFICE OF MEN'S HEALTH. Contact: Arthur J. Lawrence, PhD Assistant Surgeon General 200 Independence Ave., SW Washington, DC 20201 And if your Representative isn't on this list yet, you may want to find out why. The Honorable _________________ U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 1-202-225-3121 -------------------------------- CO-SPONSORS to H.R. 632 - MEN'S HEALTH ACT Robert E. Andrews - NJ Tammy Baldwin - WI Ken Bentsen - TX Michael Bilirakis - FL Sherwood (Sherry) Boehlert - NY David Bonior - MI Robert Brady - PA Dan Burton - IN Ken Calvert - CA Michael Capuano - MA Julia Carson - IN Saxby Chambliss - GA Donna Christensen - Virgin Islands Wm. Lacy Clay - MO John Conyers - MI Robert Cramer - AL Elijah Cummings - MD Randy (Duke) Cunningham - CA Danny K. Davis - IL Susan A. Davis - CA Tom Davis - VA Nathan Deal - GA Barney Frank - MA Rodney Frelinghuysen - NJ Wayne Gilchrest - MD Ben Gilman - NY Alcee L. Hastings - FL Earl Hilliard - AL Steve Horn - CA Duncan Hunter - CA Darrell Issa - CA Ernest Istook - OK Stephanie Tubbs Jones - OH Patrick Kennedy - RI Pete King - NY Barbara Lee - CA Jerry Lewis - CA Jim McDermott - WA James P. McGovern - MA Mike McIntyre - NC Buck McKeon - CA Michael McNulty - NY Jim Moran - VA Robert W. Ney - OH Bill Pascrell, Jr. - NJ Ed Pastor - AZ Donald M. Payne - NJ John E. Peterson - PA Chip Pickering - MS David Price - NC Lynn N. Rivers - MI Mike Rogers - MI Marge Roukema - NJ Bobby Rush - IL Jim Saxton - NJ Bob Schaffer - CO Edward L. Schrock - VA Pete Sessions - TX Ike Skelton - MO Floyd Spence - SC Charles Stenholm - TX Edolphus Towns - NY Zach Wamp - TN J.C. Watts - OK Anthony Weiner - NY Curt Weldon - PA Heather Wilson - NM +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Children Need BOTH Parents! The American Coalition for Fathers and Children For Membership information call 1-800-978-DADS or see ACFC's homepages at: To subscribe send a message to: Message in subject line: subscribe acfc To unsubscribe send a message to: Message in subject line: unsubscribe acfc The ACFC List Serve provides timely information to fathers, second wives, and others seeking restoration of fatherhood in America and the world.  ACFC does not endorse or approve the views or opinions expressed by contributors, which have been provided only as a service to our list serve subscribers. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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