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Do It Yourself  paternity kit proving a hit with doubting dads
Except for the insulting sexism of the comment that, "Most buyers
are men seeking to escape heavy payments over children former
lovers claim are theirs", this is very interesting news.  But where do
these people get off assuming that all men care about is money,
when the truth is that it is government bureaucrats who are the
ones obsessed with money, and who can't understand that men
might have very human reasons having nothing to do with money
for wanting to know whether or not a child is really theirs?
Alan Nixon
October 30, 2001
DIY paternity kit proving a hit with doubting dads
by Ananova Staff
Europe's first over-the-counter paternity testing kit for men is
selling-out in a pilot run in Cologne.
Most buyers are men seeking to escape heavy payments over children former
lovers claim are theirs.
The kit takes only a few minutes to do and employs similar DNA technology
police use when taking samples.
Doubting dads in Germany are expected to be able to buy the 12,
prescription-free test after its pilot run ends.
Men can do it in secret - taking swabs from their and their children's
mouths and sealing them up to send off to the lab. Results come back in
three days by recorded post.
Mario Levenhagen, from Humatrix AG, the firm making the tests for chemist
shops, said: "The tests are 99.999% certain. Although it is better if we
receive a sample from the mother, we can still give a reliable result with
just a sample from the father or man who thinks he is, or is not, the
father and the child.
"We are concentrating on the German-speaking market at the moment but we
will expand across Europe. British men wanting our test can order it via
the internet and he would get the results in English."
Ian Mackay, a spokesman for the UK charity Families Need Fathers, which
campaigns for a father's right to stay in contact with his child after a
split with the mother, warns the knowledge brought by the paternity tests
is not always easy to deal with.
He said: "The biggest problem is how you handle the information. If you're
suddenly told you're not the father, it can be quite a wrench.
"There's a stereotype that men play away but research shows one in five
children born inside a relationship are not the father's. In most cases
the man knows nothing about it."
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