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How to have eternal life

The Female Sentence Discount for Crime

Overall, female prisoners had shorter maximum sentences than men. Half of the women had a maximum sentence of 60 months or less, while half of the men had a sentence of 120 months or less. Excluding sentences to life or death, women in prison had received sentences that, on average, were 48 months shorter than those of men (mean sentences of 105 and 153 months, respectively). An estimated 7% of the women and 9% of the men received sentences to life in prison or the death penalty.

    Are Men More Evil?

    Table 87: Length of sentences for men and women

Maximum sentence length


Percent of inmates



Less than 36 months












180 or more






Source: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of

Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics

Bulletin, Women in Prison, NCJ-145321

For each category of offense, women received shorter average maximum sentences than men. For property offenses, female prisoners had a mean sentence 42 months shorter than men; for drug offenses, 18 months shorter; and for violent offenses, 39 months shorter.

Amy Bishop                            

Amy Bishop. a professor a the University of Alabama in Huntsville shot and killed three other professors and critically wounded several others.   There is very good reason to believe these people would still be alive if Bishop was not given the female discount for two other in which we know she was responsible, the other in which she is a prime suspect.  (she was a strong suspect in sending a bomb to another professor she had had difficulties with but was not charged with that either)

Chief: Ala. prof held in 3 killings shot Mass. kin

Amy Bishop shot her teenage brother in the chest in 1986, Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier said at a news conference. Bishop fired once into a wall, then shot her brother, then fired a third time into the ceiling and fled with the shotgun before police took her into custody at gunpoint, he said.

Before Bishop, who was 19 at the time, could be booked the police chief back then called officers and told them to release her to her mother, Frazier said. The shooting of the brother, Seth Bishop, an 18-year-old accomplished violinist, was logged that day as a "sudden death" and later considered accidental, but detailed records of the shooting have disappeared, Frazier said."

It is my understanding that she used a shot gun. I do not know any way a shot gun could be accidentally fired three times any more then one could accidentally run someone over three times. Reports also state that she fled from the police and pointed the shot gun at a driver in an attempt to take the car.

According to the reports her mother stated that she was showing Amy how to use the shot gun when it went off. It appears that even mommy did not mind have a dead SON...but did not want to have her daughter held accountable.

Father blames ex-wife and DCF for daughter’s death in fire  No Charges Woman sentenced in pair of Giles St. robberies

“…five years probation…”


FLASHBACK: Wife who killed preacher set free

“…church elders found his body — with a shotgun wound to the back — in the bedroom…”. ”[Mary Winkler] testified she pointed the shotgun at her husband during an argument to force him to talk through their problems, and “something went off.”


No Prison for Pregnant DUI Convict

“…Heather Hulsey, the drunk driver behind the wheel of the vehicle that killed him.” “…five years probation because she is pregnant.”


Craigsville woman sentenced on drug charges

“…five years on probation for possessing and attempting to make methamphetamine and for distribution of marijuana.”


Woman gets seven years, mother probation, in fraud case

“…44 felony counts in a mortgage fraud case involving $1.7 million in illegitimate loans…” “….her case and her daughter’s are not over yet.”


Willmar woman gets stayed sentence, probation for drug crime Sex tryst mum freed

“…sex with a 15-year-old Bendigo boy she met through the internet last year.”"…had intercourse on eight occasions, and engaged in oral sex three times.” ”Judge…said there was no “useful purpose in delaying (her) release.’’


Woman pleads guilty to swindling money from builder

“…she swindled more than $10,000…” “…worked for the Libertyville company for nine years.” “…sentenced to 24 months of probation…”


Woman guilty of credit card fraud

“For stealing her boyfriend’s credit card and using it to check into a hotel with another man…” “…the forgery charge was reduced from a felony and four other charges were dismissed.” “…deferred 12-month jail sentence contingent on a year of good behavior, placed on probation…” “…mother of two…”


Woman gets probation in $276G scheme

“…sentenced to five years of probation…”


Missouri woman who killed abusive husband may get out of prison early

“…may get out of prison early under a new state law aimed at victims of domestic or sexual abuse.” “She and her lover…shot Delbert Borden through the heart with a sawed-off .22 rifle…”


Woman gets 3 years’ probation in poisoning attempt

“…state agreed to dismiss attempted murder charges if she pleaded guilty to…”


Woman sentenced in theft from dead MI soldier fund

“Circuit Judge…deferred 90 days of her 270-day sentence until she completes three years of probation.”


Janesville woman sentenced in child neglect case

“…14-month-old’s death…” “…sentenced to 18 months probation…” “[Judge said]  jailing her would prevent her from seeing and working toward reuniting with her two children.”


Firefighter’s wife sentenced

“…sentenced to six months in the Butler County jail for stealing more than $30,000 from her former employer.”


Sex with minor leads to jail time for women

“…sex with an 11-year-old boy….” “…16-month suspended prison sentence…three-year probation…”


No jail time for woman convicted of abducting her children

“…sentenced to five years probation…” “”The irritating thing criminal court says this is family court matter. Family court says this is a criminal court issue so which is it?,” the father complained.”


Woman accused of 7th drunk driving offense

“..her sixth drunken driving offense in 2005 and sentenced to five years probation.”


Janesville woman sentenced in child neglect case

“…14-month-old’s death…” “…get a fix for his heroin habit…” “…sentenced to 18 months probation…”


No more jail time in neglect case

“…biting and striking her 5-year-old stepdaughter, causing blood to pool behind the girl’s eyes…” “…one year on supervised probation.”


Woman Ordered To Repay $54K

“…to her former employer.” “…sentenced Thompson to three years in jail, all suspended, and two years of supervised probation.”


Letter: Too many criminals let off with slap on the wrist

“My sister has stolen gas and food from a gas station, broke into her former employer’s business and destroyed private property within that business, and stole two vehicles. The vehicles were stolen while she was out on her own recognizance.  Now, after all these felonies, she is given 60 days in jail…”


Mum jailed for raping daughter acquitted

“…woman used either her finger or a sex toy to digitally penetrate the young girl.” “…concern about the sufficiency and quality of the evidence to support a conviction.”


Medford woman receives 30 days, restitution for beer-bottle attack

“…for blinding a Grants Pass man with a shattered beer bottle.” “Megan Terese Whitehead, 23, first broke the beer bottle over Anthony Thayer’s head, then stabbed him in the face…”


Former Cheer mom sentenced to probation

“…Toni Allexy, 39, of Paradise who was accused last October of furbishing alcohol to minors, driving while intoxicated with minors in her vehicle and fondling a teenage boy during the drive.” ”My life has gone downhill ever since we pressed charges,” he said. “Everyone thinks I’m lying and I’m always being threatened because of it and she (Allexy) still shows no remorse, she says she didn’t do anything wrong.”


Woman Sentenced for Sex Trip

“44-year-old Tracy Taylor will serve 7 months in jail with credit for time already served and will be on probation for 7 months.” “…drove from New York to have sex with the 15-year-old boy.”


UK: No charges for TV divorce expert

“[Vanessa Lloyd Platt, 53] was arrested at a police station in August over a domestic matter.” “But no further action will be taken against her due to insufficient evidence…”


Woman gets probation for fire

“The 37-year-old Murrell was accused of placing a 5-gallon gasoline can under the mobile home on Feb. 2 and lighting it while it was occupied by her 8-month-old granddaughter.” “…Murrell had been drinking and doesn’t remember what happened.” 


Woman Pleads Guilty, Gets Probation for Kidnapping Toddler

“Kassi L. Elliot, 18, pled guilty today to the misdemeanor of Interference with Custody.” “…took her baby, who had been placed in the care of her mother by the Division of Family Services, and fled to Jefferson City.”


Teacher is guilty of drunken driving

“Christina Rivera was charged May 30 with driving while intoxicated and other offenses after Vineland police pulled over a vehicle she was operating on Oak Road with her 7-year-old daughter as a passenger.” “..sentenced to a year of probation..”


Ex-office manager gets probation for embezzling

“Melissa Ann Jensen of Fort Myers purchased luxury items, like Tiffany jewelry, while embezzling from her boss for more than a year.” “…also forged business checks…” “…embezzled, although she’d been paid well.”


Cambridge woman sentenced in ‘07 serious injury case

“Wendi Lee Cassman, 22, had a blood alcohol more than twice the legal limit…” ”…traffic crash that severed a motorcyclist’s leg and part of his arm and left him blind in one eye.” “If she doesn’t successfully complete the five year probation imposed by Judge James Dehn Aug. 27 as part of her sentence, she could spend 18 months in prison.”


Woman pleads to seeking hit man

“…granted a mistrial after being found guilty of trying to hire someone to kill the father of her children pleaded guilty Friday to the same charge and was sentenced to five years on probation.” “…Traci Morrison, 24, also must undergo counseling for anger management and substance abuse…”



“…[Angela Greene] who abandoned her teenage daughters premature fetus on a rural roadway in Chattooga County in 2006, has been given probation and ordered to pay approximately $5,000 in fines.”


Boise woman who killed cyclist gets probation”

“Witnesses say [Erika] Hanson [44] lost control of her Hummer H3…”


Attempted murder charges against woman dismissed

“A Fayetteville woman [Crystal A. Beaver, 27] accused of trying to kill her boyfriend by setting his apartment complex on fire won’t go to prison after pleading guilty…” “…three children were asleep inside her apartment when the second fire was lit.”


Lenexa woman who stole $500,000 from KCK church day care gets probation

“…she stole funds from the day-care center at St. Patrick Catholic Church over a 4 ½-year period.” “


Woman gets probation for gun crimes

“…charged with several crimes, including gun running and unlawful purchase of a firearm.” “…special kind of probation that includes treatment for substance abuse.”


Woman convicted in fatal accident violates probation, may go to jail

“[Dacie E. Hagglund 19] was serving two years of probation. She ran a red light Oct. 1, 2006, at the intersection of Nebraska Highway 370 and 132nd Street, killing 64-year-old David F. Kurth. Kurth, of Sarpy County, was a retired systems analyst and volunteer


Woman enters plea in castration case

“…that an intoxicated [Rebecca Arnold] Dawson sank her acrylic nails into his scrotum after he refused to let her drive home.” “…received a 75-day suspended sentence and was placed on 18 months of supervised probation.”


Woman took revenge on ex-lover with HIV letter

“…by falsely claiming to his bosses that he was HIV positive.” “[Donna McGinty, 38] was fined £280 for causing stress and alarm to staff at UPS Parcels.”

est Dundee woman who stabbed lizard gets roadkill

“A West Dundee woman convicted of stabbing two of her ex-husband’s pet lizards was sentenced Thursday to 50 hours of picking up roadkill.”

Mother charged in infant’s 2006 death pleads guilty to gross misdemeanor

“Matilda L. James was sentenced May 5 in U.S. District Court in Seattle to two years probation…” “… diagnosed with chronic post traumatic stress disorder, major depression and anxiety, Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Miyake said.”

Strippers spared further jail time for role in slayings

“… Geneva Burrell, 31, of Edgewood, to two years of probation…” “…LaAngel Potter, 25, of East Pittsburgh, who worked under the name “Spice”…”

Richland woman reports to prison

“A Richland Township woman [Rochelle Loy, 34] reported to Bucks County Prison on Monday to begin a one-month sentence for trying to burn her townhouse while her 4-year-old daughter slept inside…” “…depressed over her ex-boyfriend.”

Woman sentenced to 2 years probatioon after pleading guilty to statutory rape

“A 31-year-old city woman [Joy Christian] Tuesday was sentenced to two years of probation after pleading guilty to statutory rape in a case where she had sex with a 13-year-old boy.” “… too drunk to remember any sexual contact with the boy…”

Woman sentenced to probation on felony child-sex charge

“[Ashley] Thompson, 23, of Columbus, pleaded guilty last month to a reduced charge of felony attempted aggravated indecent liberties with a child.” “…had sex with a 14-year-old boy on Feb. 25, March 1 and March 2, 2007…”

Little jail time for fatal wreck

 ”Amanda Danielle Driggers had trace amounts of marijuana and Vicodin in her system after the accident that killed 51-year-old David Michael Beaver…” “A Yuba City woman who drove across a centerline…killing him, was sentenced Monday to the two days in jail, time already served.”

Woman sentenced in car crash that killed teen

‘Desiree Britt, 22, was sentenced to 364 days in jail, though she’ll likely be released within two months..” “Britt was already serving time in the Lake County Jail for violating her probation on a previous battery conviction…”

Woman stabbed husband as he fought with man

‘A WOMAN, who stabbed her husband three times as he fought with a man he believed she was having an affair with, has been placed on probation for a year…” “The mother of four had pleaded guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court previously to assaulting her husband by repeatedly stabbing him on the back with a knife…”

16-Yr.-Old To Pay Child Support To 19-Yr.-Old Mom Who Sexually Assaulted Him

“So far, the story is somewhat sad, but not that unusual.” “She’s since been charged with unlawful sexual conduct, after allegedly having physical relations at least twice with the underage boy.” “Crane…could face up to 18 months in jail if she’s convicted…” “Now a court has ordered the youngster [child] to pay $50 a month child support…”

Woman who had sex with boy to be released in 7 months

“She was initially charged with aggravated rape of a child under 13, the state’s most-severe sex crime.” “…reduced Tuesday to indecent behavior with a juvenile…” “…she is scheduled to be released after serving about seven months.”

Baby found abandoned in a field

“No charges have been filed against the mother. Oregon law allows newborns to be dropped off at any medical, fire or police building with no questions asked. It does not allow babies to be left in fields.”

Father Outraged After Daughter Left Alone Is Returned To Mom

“A 9-month-old girl was left in her mother’s apartment all by herself last month. So, why was she given back to her mother this week?”

Mom Who Starved Daughter Gets Lifetime Probation

“A judge sentenced a west Phoenix woman to lifetime probation Tuesday after she admitted to starving her 2-year-old daughter to death.” “Child Protective Services said they went to Perri’s home five times after receiving complaints Nakeisha was being neglected.”

Nawahine to undergo sexual offender evaluations

“Sheryl Nawahine, 36, was indicted in September on three counts of sexual abuse of a minor, who was 16 years of age at the time.” “Nawahine was sentenced June 13 to two years probation and ordered to pay court costs in the amount of $110.50…”

Woman Who Killed Schoolchild May Lose Probation

“A woman … not meeting terms of her probation.”

Probation for [Drunk] Gary woman in fatal crash

“Lake Superior Court Judge Thomas Stefaniak Jr. sentenced a Gary woman to probation and community service for her role in a two-car crash in Highland in 2006 that killed one man and severely injured a second man.”

Woman who tried to kill her elderly mother receives suspended sentence

“She was almost 65, had never been arrested, and she stood out in the jail population,” he said. “It was a very difficult time for her.”  “Everybody’s made out to be the bad guy — her brother, the nursing home staff, the police — everybody except for her…”

No Charges in Deadly Shooting

“No charges have been filed against a Pulaski County woman who police say shot and killed her husband after the two got in a domestic confrontation.”  “… threats against his wife leading up to the shooting.”

UPDATE: Car Wash Mom Pleads No Contest

“…sentenced to one year of supervised probation.”

Louisville woman admits to setting fire

“…probation for one year…” “…felony…will be reduced to a misdemeanor.” 

Boulder probation: Woman in sex assault case still having sex

“…sentenced to 20 years probation in June…” “…had sexual intercourse with [child] about five times since being sentenced.” “She placed blame on the [child]…” “…used cocaine..” 

Murder charges dropped against mother in baby’s death“…baby, only 40 days old, was found dead…” “…no reasonable prospect of conviction…”


Woman arrested for false report that resulted in dog attacking a police officer“..domestic call.” “…she made a false call because she was upset with her husband.” 
No jail time for woman who threatened to bomb courthouse“…two years probation.”


Woman who stole more than $5,000 from soldier’s fund gets probation“…one year of probation…” “…purchase of a laptop computer and a trip to St. Louis.” 
Buffalo mother spared jail after baby ingests crack“…judge sentenced…to one year of probation…” NY woman’s rap sheet shows 73 arrests since 1971“…16 convictions over the years. Most of the charges were felonies…”
Octo-Mom: I choose the Welfare State
Woman who stabbed herself released from jail 

'There will be no more time behind bars for a local woman who stabbed herself in an effort to have her daughter's father charged. She also pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property and three counts of possession of stolen credit cards.

Mother who dumped baby wins appeal

Going to prison is "too strict a sentence"?

Wife Slashes Husband - Charges Dropped?
Another Newborn Killed by his Mother and Another Judicial Tap on the Wrist  

The twelve "female only" defenses by Warren Farrell, Ph.D.

"Women Who Kill Too Much and the Courts That Free Them: The Twelve 'Female-Only' Defenses" excerpted from The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell, Ph.D.


(1) The innocent woman defense

Farrell starts with the innocent woman defense because it underlies all twelve defenses. At first he called this the "Female Credibility Principle" due to the tendency to see women as more credible than men because of being thought more innocent. However, even when women admitted making false allegations that they were raped or that their husbands abused them, for example, their admission that they lied was often not believed. Therefore, he found the belief in the innocent woman ran even deeper than the tendency to believe women.

(2) The PMS defense ("My body, no choice")

In 1970, when Dr. Edgar Berman said women's hormones during menstruation and menopause could have a detrimental influence on women's decision making, feminists were outraged. He was soon served up as the quintessential example of medical male chauvinism. But by the 1980s, some feminists were saying that PMS was the reason a woman who deliberately killed a man should go free. In England, the PMS defense freed Christine English after confessed to killing her boyfriend by deliberately ramming him into a utility pole with her car; and after killing a co-worker, Sandie Smith was put on probation — with one condition: she must report monthly for injections of progesterone to control symptoms of PMS. By the 1990s, the PMS defense paved the way for other hormonal defenses.

Sheryl Lynn Massip could place her 6 month old son under a car, run over him repeatedly, and then, uncertain he was dead, do it again, then claim post partum depression and be given outpatient medical help. No feminist protested.

(3) The husband defense

The film "I Love You to Death" was based on a true story of a woman who tried to kill her husband when she discovered he had been unfaithful. She and her mom tried to poison him, then hired a mugger to beat him and shoot him through the head. A fluke led to their being caught and sent to jail. Miraculously, the husband survived.

The husband's first response? Soon after he recovered he informed authorities that he would not press charges.

His second response? He defended his wife's attempts to kill him. He felt so guilty being sexually unfaithful that he thanked his wife!

He then re-proposed to her. She verbally abused him, then accepted.

(4) The " Battered Woman Syndrome" defense, AKA learned helplessness

Until 1982, anyone who called premeditated murder self-defense would have been laughed out of court. But in 1982, [Denver-based psychologist] Lenore Walker won the first legal victory for her women-only theory of learned helplessness, which suggests that a woman whose husband or boyfriend batters her becomes fearful for her life and helplessness to leave him so if she kills him, it is really self-defense — even if she has premeditated his murder. The woman is said to be a victim of the Battered Woman Syndrome. Is it possible a woman could kill, let's say, for insurance money? Lenore Walker says no: she claims, "Women don't kill men unless they've been pushed to a point of desperation." Ironically feminists had often said, "There's never an excuse for violence against a woman." Now they were saying, "But there's always an excuse for violence against a man... if a woman does it." That sexism is now called the law in 15 states.

(5) " The depressed mother" defense


Baby blues 

Remember Sheryl Lynn Massip, a mother in her mid-twenties who murdered her 6-month old son by crushing its head under the wheel of the family car? Massip systematically covered up the murder until she was discovered. Then she testified that she suffered from post-partum depression, or "baby blues."

Her sentence? Treatment.

Mothers do get the baby blues. As do dads. Were the husband to kill his baby, as Sheryl Lynn did, it is unlikely that we would just treat him for baby blues or Save the Marriage Syndrome. Why does her version of baby blues allow her to receive treatment for child murder, when he would receive life in prison for child murder, with or without baby blues?


The terrible twos 

Josephine Mesa beat her 2-year-old son to death with the wooden handle of a toilet plunger. She buried the battered child in a trash bin. When scavengers found the boy outside her Oceanside, California apartment, she denied she knew him. When the evidence became overwhelming, she confessed.

The excuse? She was depressed. The child was going through the terrible twos.

The punishment? Counselling, probation and anti-depressants. She never spent a day behind bars.

(6) The "Mothers don't kill" defense

ITEM: Illinois. Paula Sims reported that her first daughter, Loralei, was abducted by a masked gunman. In fact she murdered Loralei. But she got away with it. So when her next daughter, Heather Lee, disappointed her, she suffocated her, threw her in the trash barrel, and said another masked gunman had abducted her daughter. It wasn't until the second "masked gunman" abduction that a serious search was conducted. Only the serious search led to evidence. Might Heather Lee be alive today if mothers did not have a special immunity from serious investigation?

Or see the case of Marybeth Tinning in Patricia Pearson's book When She Was Bad: How and Why Women Get Away with Murder. Marybeth killed nine (9) of her own children and wasn't caught until the ninth one died.

(7) The "Children need their mother" defense

ITEM: Colorado. Lory Foster's husband had returned from Vietnam and was going through mood-swings both from post traumatic stress syndrome and diabetes. They had gotten into a fight and he had abused her. So she killed him.

Even the prosecutor did not ask for a jail term. Why not? So Lory could care for the children. Lory was given counselling and vocational training at state expense.

The most frequent justification for freeing mothers who kill their children is that their children need them. Moreover, if mothers were freed because "children are the first priority," then fathers would be freed just as often. But they are not. Even when no mother is available.

(8) The "Blame the father, understand the mother" defense

ITEM: Ramiro Rodriguez was driving back from the supermarket. His daughter was sitting on his wife's lap. As Ramiro made a left turn, a van crashed into the car and his daughter was killed. Ramiro was charged with homicide. The reason? His daughter was not placed in a safety seat. Ramiro explained that his daughter was sick and wanted to be held so his wife decided to hold her. Yet only Ramiro was charged. The mother was charged with nothing. Ramiro was eventually acquitted after protests over the racism. No one saw the sexism.

(9) The "My child, my right to abuse it" defense

A million crack-addicted children since 1987, but only sixty of the mothers have faced criminal charges. One was convicted. That conviction was reversed by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Three percent of infants in Washington D.C. die from cocaine addiction, but no mothers go to prison. The right to choose means the right to kill — not a fetus but a child.

Should the mother who addicts her child to crack have any more rights than any other child abuser or drug dealer?

How can we give a normal drug dealer a life sentence but claim that a mother that deals drugs to her own child should not so much as stand trial?

If we feel compassion for the circumstances that drove her to drugs, where is our compassion for the circumstances that drove the drug dealer to drugs, the child abuser to abuse, the murderer...?

(10) The plea bargain defense

Once a woman is seen as more innocent, her testimony is more valued, which leads to prosecutors offering the woman a plea bargain in crimes committed jointly by a woman and a man.

And if a District Attorney is up for reelection, the Chivalry Factor allows him to look like a hero when his office prosecutes a man, or portray him as a bully if he should put a woman behind bars.

(11) The Svengali defense

A beautiful woman dubbed "The Miss America Bandit" conducted an armed robbery of a bank. Federal sentencing guidelines called for a minimum of four and a half to five years in federal prison. The federal judge gave her two years because she told the judge that she was in love with her hairdresser and he had wanted her to rob the bank.

The judge concluded, "Men have always exercised malevolent influence over women, and women seem to be soft-touches for it, particularly if sex is involved... It seems to me the Svengali-Trilby relationship is the motivating force behind this lady...the main thing is sex." [Svengali is a fictional character said to have hypnotic qualities of persuasion over the innocent Trilby.]

(12) The contract killing defense: Defend self by hiring someone else

When Farrell did the first review of his files in preparation for a section on contract killing, he was struck by some fascinating patterns.

 First, all of these women hired boys or men.

 Second, their targets were usually husbands, ex-husbands, or fathers — men they had once loved.

 Third, the targeted man usually had an insurance policy significantly larger than the man's next few years income.

 Fourth, the women often were never serious suspects until some coincidence exposed their plot.

 Fifth, the women usually chose one of three methods by which to kill: she (1) persuaded her boyfriend to do the killing (in reverse Svengali style); (2) hired some young boys from a disadvantaged background to do it for a small amount of money; or (3) hired a professional killer, thus usually using money her husband earned to kill him.

An example, Dixie Dyson tucked in her husband for his last night's sleep. She had arranged to have a lifelong friend and a boyfriend pretend to "break and enter," then rape her, kill her husband, then "escape." She would collect the insurance money. At the last moment, the lifelong friend backed out, but the boyfriend and Dixie managed to kill Dixie's husband after 27 stabbings. They were caught. Dixie "cut a deal" to reduce her sentence by reporting the boyfriend and his friend. The friend who backed out got 25 years for conspiracy.

Deborah Ann Werner was due one third of her dad's estate. She asked her daughter to find some boys to murder him by plunging a knife through his neck.

Diana Bogadanoff hired two young men to kill her husband on an isolated nudist beach, while she watched. After he was shot through the head, she reported the killers but produced no motive for the murder — no money was stolen and she was not sexually molested. Diana did not become a suspect until an anonymous caller contacted a nationwide crime hotline. The caller coincidentally heard about the murder on the radio and remembered a friend describing just such a murder he had refused to do...on an isolated nudist beach while a woman named Diana watched. Without this tip, Diana would never even have become a suspect.

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