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Dianne's Husband and Son Story

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Both my husband (by his ex wife ) and my son have been victims of this

My husband got his 2 boys when he got his divorce when we later met and got married we raised them and he was told by her to leave her alone she wanted no contact with the children 12 years later she decide she wanted them went to the system and turned him for abuse to the children and they immediately arrested him and took the children and placed them in foster care and it took him 2 1/2 years of court battles to prove his innocence it was horrible how they took the word of this woman with NO proof and made him have to hire lawyers and go to court to prove his innocence he was assumed to be guilty just because his ex-wife said so his wife left him and their 2 year old daughter a couple of months later when he had let the child go visit the mother he heard they were partying there and went and got the child out of it she went the next morning and filed charges of DV against him they arrested him (while he was holding the child) took her away and gave the mother custody and put him jail the judge refused to even hear his witnesses even though one was the police officer who she had called that night and was willing to testify that she was the one being abusive and that he had tried to get my son to press charges against her he finally went back to her just long enough to make all court order null and void and moved to another state and filed for custody in order to have his daughter

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