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From time to time, we have people post in our guest book and on our message board, messages that do not support me or the mission of Shattered Men.  Some outright attack me personally.  ALL of these messages are still there.  TRUTH have nothing to hide and our record should speak for itself.  Not only are those messages still on the message board, but I will post them right here for all to see.  Read them and check the rest of the web site and then decided for yourself.  Shattered Men does believe in equal rights for equal responsibility and accountability. This in turn will show that we do value ALL our people.

Here are the groud rules for this site: "NOTE: Although we can
understand there may be those who come here and are angry
with the other gender, Please remember not ALL of that gender
is responsible for the acts of some. NO gender bashing or
derogatory remarks will be allowed toward others be they
members here or not."

How come "ken for the Lamb" continually breaks these rules
with his bashing of women????

Message 13079



Subject:  from the stand point of a counselor

I hear you all trying to help one another have
you ever dealt with a true crisis ? you are offering
advice these words come not from me but what I see going
on here you need to adopt more of a theraputic way
to adress others and issues that come up I may not
have the letters behind my name yet but I work in
counseling settind and some are geting set up for one bad
fall you need to base some of this advice in real life
and and even information available to any one god is
mighty and strong but quoteing the bible and asking for
total redemption is not going to fix it all I am sorry
we differ here but then I have the education to back
this up I may be weak at times but at least I dont put
all my belief in on area where as you need
multidirectional aproach to help others and on this note I leave
you hoping you the best and good luck   
Message 1608


This was a reply to a post I made when someone sent me a very biased  petition which can be seen here:

Dear ken, I feel oh so sad for you right
now. I hope that God will soften your heart and lead
you to the Truth and help you deal with the anger you
have toward women. I pray for you, ken_, all the
happiness, peace, and love you deserve, but I have to tell
you, everything in your post to which I'm replying is
inaccurate and simply not so. A woman who is raped
has to deal with and conquer issues regarding how she
feels about men in general. Until she does this, she's
not healed of the hurt. A man who is
physically or emotionally raped, has to do the same
regarding women. ken_, rest beneath God wing and let the
healing complete itself. Please let this stop
now, and please don't let it tear the club
apart. Rev. Susan (last name deleted) Certified Christian
Counselor American Association of Christian Counselors  
Message 2191

  Message 10870  states this:

When men quit being whimps they will know they must go to jail and
fill the jails overflowing. They will know that the only way to get
liberty back for themselves and their posterity is to overthrow the
tyrants in out courts , the "social scientist, Social services, etc.

It is the strong men that support liberty for ourselvs and our
posterity that it will take to bring about decency in America. I know
of a few strong men that have not yielded to the tryanny of the
courts and government as agent ken suggest all should.

Ken, it is whimps like you that do not know the Lord's word and the
meaning of Paul. Remember, we obey God first then men. "We ought obey
God rather than men." When man's laws and God's laws are in conflict
the people must obey God. Whimps; we don't need. So go in the corner
and suck your thumb like a little cry baby. You are living in fear.

Men be strong. Come together in the Lord. It is the Lord that
commands you to train up your children. Do it. Don't listen to the
whiners and whimps. Be prepared to die for the Lord and the liberty
HE has given you and die for your posterity. This once great nation
did this to throw off the tyrants of England and we must be prepared
to do it to the throw off the tyrants in our legeslatures and courts.

Men you are being attacked. You are being denied. Your children are
being used as bargaining chips. The children are being exploited. The
children are being used to destroy you and the liberty of our
posterity. Men stand up against this tyranny and do not listen to the
whimps and whiners that will have you in chains in preference to them
having to do something admirable.

The Ken forthambs of the world are who put you in chans not the ones
that free you from sin and tyranny.

Repent and come to the Lord men. Serve HIM righteously. Do not let
the gustapo agents like Ken forthelamb confuse you.

Strike out for liberty for yourselves and your posterity.

Obey no court order concerning your familiy. Raise your children the
courts be damned. Stan behind one another. Give one another support
and safe harbor. The war is waging between good and evil. Be not
subject to the evils of the world. Stand against the tyranny.

This nation was changed from a nation under control of a king to a
nation of liberty. Then this nation was changed again by a
defestating civil war that ended state's rights. Then this nation was
again changed by the liberals that brought filthiness into the
schools and homes. Then the nation was again changed by the feminists
and homosexuals bringing more filth and degeneration. All those
involved in those changes offered their lives and liberties to bring
those changes.

Now, another change is upon us. this change is even worse that the
last two. This coming change is for global communism, totalitarianis
and tyranny. This coming change is due to people that will not stand
up against it and give their lives to stop it and once again become
free men.

Strenthen yourselves in the Lord and stand against all evils. Get
your familiues and keep them. Do not submit to the tyranny of the
courts but stand firm for fatherhood and decency. Train up your own

Once a great nobleman said. "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE DEATH." I say
that without liberty you are dead already.

Love and obey the Lord always....

Some of these messages come from the web site Guest Book: Most often, they do not give a means to contact them.


I wanted to say that I had joined your shattered men's club and found it to be nothing but women bashing and women hating and what society and women had done to men. Now I find you opening up other clubs and promoting this site, but you don't forewarn them of how your shattered men club is really like. Also, with your christian clubs, you mention you will either delete messages or edit them (if they are not what YOU want to read). I believe everyone has something to say, whether they share your views or not, and it's rude to censure their opinions because they do not agree with yours. I think is misleading of you to join so many yahoo groups and get friendly with the members only to advertise your shattered men's group.

Your web page is ridiculous. WHEN have men ever been the victims? I'm trying to look up information on WOMEN who are being abused for my friend Kristin who is being verbally and physically abused by her boyfriend, and all I can find is information about how men are being abused and how society has prejudice views against men. Feminists are wrong? We wouldn't need feminists if it wasn't such a mans world..... if women were not taught for so long to keep their mouths shut and be passive to their husbands no matter what the situation. Did you know that the average prison sentence for men who kill their wives is 2-6 years and the average sentence for women who kill their husbands is 20-40 years? So get real and give me a break! Granted.... women have plenty of opportunity in today's world. They have come a long way. But let me ask you this. How often do u see men being abused by women compared to how often you see women being abused by men? Yes, I like to think of myself as liberated. But, I'll tell you one thing. My strength does not compare to a man's. I have one thing though that no one can take away. And that is peace of mind. No man will ever hit me and expect me to back down. Sadly enough, there are still many women who are scared. And of course they cannot fight back physically in most cases. But they can fight back with their hearts and their minds. Just like I'm doing now.

ALL of these messages are still there.  We do not censor content just because it disagrees with us.  We have had others by e-mail but by far, the majority of messages and e-mails have been very supportive.

Please note:  As of April 1st, 2007 these post in the Shattered Men interactive group are not still there because someone hacked into the controls of the group and deleted the group.  Apparently someone does want to hide the Truth.

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