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This site is dedicated to all the unfortunate souls that felt the only way out from under the manipulative ex spouse and the legal system was to take their own life.  

The Rev. Alan Stewart of Toronto's Westview Presbyterian Church, made the following remarks during the sermon of Andrew Renouf: 

 "The terrible reality of this story is that everyone lost. A daughter lost her father, a former wife lost her support, society lost a good and productive member and Andrew lost the most precious thing: his life. Surely a system that makes everyone a loser has got to be wrong."

Brian Armstrong - Jailed For Child Support, Beaten to Death in jail

Peter Ayres - Suicide

Clive Cass - Suicide

Anthony Clemson - Suicide

Larry Cofield - Suicide

Mark Corkfish-Suicide

Randy Couch - Suicide

Tony Cummings - Suicide

Marvin Davids - Suicide hanging

David Dosdall - Suicide

Michael Easton - Suicide

Jason Game - Suicide

Warren Gilbert - Suicide holding a letter of demand from the CS agency

Simon Gonzales - Murder of 3 daughters - Suicide

Alan Grantham - Suicide

James Gritz - Found Shot

Ralph Hadley - Murder - Suicide

David Harmsworth - Suicide

Michael Horner - Suicide

Stephen Jackson - Suicide, overdose

Alan Jones - Suicide

Trevor Lane - Suicide

Antonio Merola - Shoots Father-In-Law

Alex Nicholson - Suicide

Clifford Peacock - Suicide

Petruk - Murder - Suicide

David Piggott - Suicide

Andrew T. Renouf - Suicide

Martin Romanchick - Suicide

John Rubben- Suicide

Nigel Ryan - Suicide

Steve Sanders - Former Oak Ridge Boy found dead, apparent Suicide

Roger Sandsmark - Murder of Lawyer & Suicide & other attorneys who have been killed. 

Brian Smith - Suicide, overdose

Peter Stafeeieri - Suicide

Dr. Scott Chester Stone - murder of ex-wife - suicide

Reginald Sublet - Murder - Suicide

Allan Wells - Battered Husband - Divorce Suicide

Darrin White - father of 4 - Suicide - letter to Prime Minister from his daughter HERE!

Garrett Williams - Suicide

Edmonton Man - Found Hanging in Fire - Suicide

Man Hangs Himself at concert - Suicide

This is a reply to this site take from.  It is unedited 

Fathers Battling Injustice

No use wallowing in it, but sometimes guys lose it, exhausted from fighting a war where only side has the ammo.

Hangings, gunshots, severed wrists, poisoning, etc. I'm sick of it!!!

Don't try to convince me otherwise!!! Being deprived of one's kids is the most devastating experience one can endure. Or not!!

Sometimes, when one loses all reason to live, death is kind! Nobody who hasn't been through it can underatand. Like the song from "MASH" tells us: Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes"

I apologize to women on this forum. But, your issues are baby#####!! compared to men's issues. It is we who bear the separation of our kids, for he most part, and even rape pails compared to that!!! Yes, child support is an issue, but at least YOU have the kids!!!! Most men would consider CS irrelevant, if they had custody!! Yes, men make more money than women, but that is because THEY HAVE TO!!!! Few women will support a man, custodial or not!! Face it!!

I've been fighting a losing battle for many, many years. And, after 21 years, I still see men taking their lives daily, and women, for the most part, flourish.

There are always exceptions, where women are shortchanged, and those rare cases are for Geraldo, or Montel. These forums express only the female perspective. But, not the majority! Meaning men!

I am at the point where after many, many years, I have visitation of my girl, but only because her "mother" OK'd it. My girl is 38, and still under her "mother's" thumb!! I was denied access with her for 20!!!, yes, 20 years, because that is what her "mother" wanted. Now, believe it or not, I did nothing wrong, in fact it was the "mother" who beated me, breaking my glasses, raising a black eye!! Now, I resisted her violence, and about two years later, SHE tried to get a lifetime disability, based on a false allegation of "ME ATTACKING HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! The doctor informed me, claiming he knew her claim was false, and she stiffed him!!!! Didn't pay the bill!!

I guess what I'm trying to say, is women have the upper hand. Duh!!

Women pull all kinds of tricks, and denial of this is a lie!! Sometimes, I just feel like ending it all!! It would be a blessing!! Please don't tell me NO!! Sometimes, when your life has been fu###d up royally, death is relief!!


NOTE:  The leadership of Shattered Men does NOT agree with the outlook of the above message as there IS ALWAYS HOPE IN JESUS CHRIST.  I

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