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(Letters from parents to their alienated children)

Many of those in Shattered Men have not had contact with their children through no fault of their own.  This page will give these men and women a chance to write to them and tell them what is on their hearts as time goes on.  It will show their children that they have always loved them but were not allowed to contact them.  Please know that these letters are highly personal and very painful for these people to write, but we need to be able to allow the public to see them so the public can see the damage, the pain these loving parents go through    Please pray for these men and women and their children.  Pray that they can be reunited with them as soon as possible.


If you are reading this, and you have a mom or dad that has not written to you, do not feel it is your fault or that you are not worthy of their love.  So many times, they do love you but they are not able to contact you.     Often  they may be afraid to show love to you as they are not able to love themselves right now because they feel they have failed you.

THIS page is a work that will always be in progress as long as we have social injustice  If you have a letter to write, send it to us  Please use  only first names and please date your letters.  Children, if you want to post a letter to your mom or dad, we will also have a section for that.

We will not directly relay messages from one to another other then posting then in general so as not to be accused of aiding and abetting the breaking of orders of protection.

Dear Andrew

Blessings he'll never know!

Malerie and Brittney

Cheyanne Nicole

Alexandra Ikumi and Alisa


To Add Your Letter, send it to with the subject "Dear Children"  If you would like it in another section, please let me know which section.

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Have You lost a baby?

We will further expand this page to allow those who have lost babies at an early age for any reason from still births to abortion to post a letter to their baby. This includes both the mother and the father as we do know the loss of a baby does directly effect both so much. Remember, we are here to help you heal from these wounds.


Tee's Children




There are some that have lost others after having long standing disagreements which were never resolved.  Broken Relationships, broken heats and wounded spirits.  This section is for you.  What would you say if you could talk to them one more time...

To my biological dad: from Debra







There will always be injustices in this world.  There will always be false accusations forcing loving parents away from their children, but remember there IS hope:

Humpty Dumpty

Bearing False Witness




This is what another Father went through for YOU!


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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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