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Daddy's Home. But Which Home? THE WASHINGTON POST Sunday, June 10, 2001; Page B05 UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM By Richard Morin Daddy's Home. But Which Home? There's a trend in American family life that's giving policymakers fits: the growing number of fathers related by blood or marriage to several sets of children. Currently, about half of the fathers in the United States who do not live with all of their biological children also have family ties to another set of kids -- and one in four have three or more groups of children in their lives, according to a new study by sociologists Wendy D. Manning of Ohio's Bowling Green University, Susan D. Stewart of the University of Richmond and Pamela J. Smock of the University of Michigan. These children may include offspring from a former marriage or liaison, or they may be the children of a man's current wife or partner who live elsewhere. And if you're having trouble sorting out all those relationships, just imagine the problems these daddies must face. "Many nonresident fathers have quite complex parenting responsibilities," said Smock, a researcher at Michigan's Institute for Social Research. The researchers examined information collected from 649 men with children under 18 who did not live in the father's home. The data were drawn from the National Survey of Families and Households. The problem, the researchers argue, is that most state and federal policymakers still think in terms of one father, one family. "Even child support policies are often based on the premise that men have only one set of children to support," their study concludes, "and some state-level child support policies implicitly favor one set of offspring -- resident versus nonresident -- over another." >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The referenced paper appears to be: Manning, Wendy D., Stewart, Susan D. and Smock, Pamela. "The Complexity of Fathers' Parenting Responsibilities and Involvement with Nonresident Children."  [# 2000-12]      ...which can be downloaded from the following web site: [if wrapped, copy and paste link into browser] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WP Home: 2001 The Washington Post Company



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