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The hidden half of domestic violence

How to have eternal life

Domestic Violence

Note:  these links are to the "Domestic Violence Against Men In Colorado: site

Prelude A Male Nightmare

Domestic Abuse And Violence Defined

The ABC's of People Who Batter by Barbara Corry, M.A.

How Common Is Domestic Violence?

Gathering Statistics

Studies Of Domestic Violence Supported By The National Institute Of Mental Health

Abuse Of And Violence Against Children

An Enquiry Into The Adult Male Experience of Heterosexual Abuse by Anne Lewis, M.A.

When Men Are Driven To Desperation

Self Defense Or Violence By Women? by David Fontes, Psy.D.

The Role Of Patriarchy In Domestic Violence

From The Personal To The Political by Erin Pizzey

The Politics Of The Domestic Violence Movement by David Fontes, Psy.D.

The Politics Of Fatherhood by Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

What We Think We Know About Domestic Violence

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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