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D.O.J. intentionally covers up DV by women

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, SPECIAL REPORT, WOMEN OFFENDERS dated December 1999, NCJ 175688 shows that it was revised on 10/3/2000 (adobe acrobat version).

There are MANY of us who have copies of the original report and much of the language indicating that women's violence has been increasing has been hidden, altered or changed.


For example, at the bottom of page 5, the previous version stated "...90% of the increase in violence by women is perhaps attributable to the increase in [women's] arrests for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE..." (emphasis added).

This has been replaced and hidden in much more nebulous language in the sanitized version.

 Crime statistics should never be administered to suit the National Organization of Women.  The facts are the facts and our public policies cannot operate in an environment of sexism and predatory feminism. 

The D.O.J. should restore the original report, and those who "adjusted it" should be fired for abusing the power of their office and of their professional oaths.

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