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Below is my response to her statements:

" In his teeny little world, it is all about the penis, and if you don't have one your story does not deserve to be told"

I have noticed often that feminist blogs have a need to focus on genitalia so often. This makes me wonder if "penis envy" does not really exist with them. This is after they accuse men of focusing on genitals so I ask Renee, why you do not focus on what we think rather then what we have.

Now as far as these ads go, they do not say I MAY but I WILL! What hope does this give to children who would want to grow up and have a happy family? Will it not make girls afraid of boys? Will it not make boys feel like they will grow up to be monsters? I have always been taught that if we tell a child they are stupid, they will tend to prove us right but if we hold high but reasonable expectations for them, they will tend to rise to that level too. These ads give very low expectations. It IS...child abuse!

Renee, before you start cussing me out, I am NOT an MRA. I believe in FAMILY rights but if I were to be for a specific groups rights, it would be children's. I find most of the women's rights group really leave the children out completely. This ad shows it...they use children to demonize men. It is not about children, it is all about women and their right to absolve themselves of all accountability and responsibility.

I have seldom seen a conflict between two adults where both do not add to the conflict but you say it is all the man's fault. If we do not look at both sides, we make the problem worse. That is what most women shelters do not do. According to the VAWA, if they say they are abused, it has to be accepted without question. Then all sorts of perks set in to give free legal help, and all sorts of other things to being abused can be very profitable.....It sure is to those in power. 

There is evidence that there is more abuse going on IN some of these shelters then in the homes these women fled from but we sure do not hear that do we? That is unless women step up to the plate and let us know what happened to them inside these shelters and I have had many women tell me that they would never go to another shelter. Shattered Men, although we focus on abused men, works with women on an equal basis

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