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Dear Children

Cheyanne Nicole,

I remember the day I chose your name and how excited I was
with you in my belly, all the nights you kept mommy up kicking
away. I would sing to you and you would always stop kicking and
just listen. That 27 hours in labor was worth every second. The
first time I layed eyes on you I knew you were a true blessing
from god.  At night I would watch you sleep in my arms in the
rocking chair I felt so close to you. I never thought the day would
come that I would be deprived of watching you sleep and being
able to hold you in my arms. It has almost been two years now
angel and what I would not give just to watch you sleep. I know
that they say in life everything happens for a reason this one I will
never  understand. Mommy needs you to know my child
that I will never give up the fight for you and I willl never give up
hope. I think of you ever hour of the day and pray every night that
god sends angels to protect you. I pray that one day daddy will
see all the pain that he has caused and that god will help
change his heart and his ways. Some day I will have enough
money  to continue the fight do not ever think that mommy will
ever give up Chaz and you our my life I have loved you since the
day I knew you were in my tummy and my love will never stop
please know that mommy will never leave you and I will look
forward to the day you are in my arms again.  Cheyanne, Chaz 
loves you so much and misses you too Daddy will never answer
to me for what he has done but one day he will answer to god....
Keep up the prayers god hears you I can not wait untill are
prayers are answered and you are home again..

                          Love mommy. Diana Marie


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