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Several years ago I met a woman in one of the other groups I was in.  She had read many of my posts but  then she told me she was not able to read some of them.  The ones she could not bring herself to read, spoke about the fact that GOD wants to have an intimate relationship with us.  She told me she was not even able to say the LORD's Prayer because it started out "Our Father"   She had been abused as  a child by her father.  I had posted several times that children get their view of GOD from their fathers.  If he was kind, gentle and loving, we would see GOD in the same way.  If our father was abusive, ready to punish us for the least little thing we did wrong, then we would see GOD that way too.  I then offered to be a father to her and with the LORD's help, show her was a "dad" should be like.  

She has grown a lot since that time.  She readily can say the LORD's Prayer and she often calls me just to say "Hi dad"  It is so good to see the healing that has taken place in my daughters life....healing that has come because of a man named...JESUS.

Cinderella Syndrome

By my daughter, Debra


There was a visiting minister at our church recently whose message
contained a particular phrase that really caught my attention.   It
was, "...and they were having the T-I-M-E of their lives....."   In
my mind's eye  I could see a clock in which time is racing, time is
soon ending.  The midnight hour is approaching.  Satan is offering
anything and everything that he can that will cause us to fall into
deception and to be destroyed.  He will give you your heart's desires
but only for a time.  The TIME of your life has a high price tag and
the TIME is only temporary.  It's only an illusion.  He will send any
or all of his imps from hell to charm you, to deceive you.  Jesus IS
coming for His Bride, one who is a true virgin, one who will not be
led astray by another, or by all that he has to offer to beguile you
with.  While the Prince of Peace is seeking His Bride, the prince of
Darkness is also seeking the Bride (of Christ).  He is jealous and
angry at all that the Prince of Peace has and he wants it too. I hope
someone will get something from this story about "The Cinderella
Syndrome".  Debra

*******News Alert********
Outbreak of the highly contagious "Cinderella Syndrome".  It is being
reported wide-spread in our local area and worldwide.  Be on the
lookout.  What is the Cinderella Syndrome?

You remember the old Disney story "Cinderella"?
It begins by being self-absorbed in self-pity with jealousy and envy
as secondary symptoms.  Let us use the story of Cinderella as an

"Cinderella" according to Debra

Cinderella, sits all alone, feeling sad, thinking, "Everyone else is
out having all the fun, all the entertainment, and they have all the
nice clothes. I have to stay home and do all the work while they do
nothing but have fun.  There's even going to be a special dance
coming up with the Prince who is looking  for a Bride.   If only I
could go and have fun like everyone else.  But no!  I cant!  I have
to work! And besides I have nothing to wear.  They have all the
money, all the new clothes.  They have everything.  And I sit here
with nothing.  Cleaning, working, sitting here in nothing but rags.
I'm their slave!  That's not fair!  Everyone will be at the dance but
me.  Even my ugly sisters will stand a chance at becoming the
Prince's Bride.

Tears begin to flow, her chest heaves in sobs.  Suddenly, out of no
where appears this ---what is it?  a guardian angel?
"No, my dear, I am your fairy god-mother.  I am here to grant you
your every wish."
Cinderella couldn't believe her eyes.  "For me?  I can have anything
I want?"

"Yes, dear, whatever your heart desires.  I am here to bring you
everything you want, everything you hope for."

Cinderella quickly announces her desire is to meet the Prince and
become his bride.  But how can she when she is forced to work and to
wear rags.  Even her hair looked terrible.  No problem for the fairy
godmother.  She's prepared to offer Cinderella anything it takes to
make her happy.  Without hesitation all was made new.  Cinderella had
a beautiful new gown, the latest hairdo, all the accessories, even
the glass slippers--the only pair of its kind.  The fairy godmother
even provided transportation in high style to make a grand entrance
at the dance.  There is no way the Prince could not choose Cinderella
to be his Bride.

There was one catch though.  At the stroke of midnight, it would all
be over.  Everything would be as it had been before.   "No problem."
said Cinderella.
So, off she went to the dance.  She made her grand entrance.
Everyone who was anyone was there at the ball.  Their eyes nearly
fell out when they saw how beautiful Cinderella was in all her costly
and unique attire.  The rag-tag Cinderella was not only beautiful but
full of grace and glory.   The Prince was smitten with her beauty and
chose her to be his Bride.  It was obvious to everyone at the dance
that she was the Chosen One.  Her heart raced and leaped with joy!
Her wish had come true!

In the midst of the excitement she hadn't noticed the time until the
stroke of midnight came.  Horror ripped her heart as she realized she
would quickly return to her original state.  All that she had
impressed the Prince with had been temporary, all of it an illusion.
How could she have forgotten?  She didn't want the Prince to see her
as she truly was, so she knew she'd have to run as fast as she
could.   She ran before he could see her change back, but left behind
a single slipper.

She returns to her home, feeling ashamed, disgraced, and disgruntled
because she lost all she had, though it was never real to begin
with.  The illusion was over.   Now she would never have her Prince.
What she didn't know was the slipper left behind was what the Prince
would use to find her.  The love of the Prince would cause him to
seek till He finds her.  He wants her and no other for His Bride.

The fairy godmother is an illusion too.  The fairy godmother is
actually an imp from hell who has been given enough power to create
the illusions of your heart's desires.   He can't make you be
deceived, but he can tempt you.  The prince of Darkness will also
come seeking the Runaway Bride.  He offered you everything you could
want, and you accepted.  Now there is a price to pay for your
pleasures, though they were momentary.  Did you really think you
could keep all that he offered you?  Did you think they were real?
You left behind proof of your deception....the slipper.  It was made
only for you!  Are you ready to pay the price?  You can run, but you
can't hide.  The prince of Darkness isn't one to be refused.  He
won't take "No!" for an answer.  You played, now you pay!

Aren't you glad to know that the Prince of Peace is a loving God?
Aren't you glad that His power is omnipotent? That He is
Omnipresent?   He knew you before you were born.  He knows your
weaknesses and your strengths.  Though you were whining and self-
pitying, though you were selfish and vain, He loves you.   It is you
who He chose to be His bride.  He knows the prince of darkness
desires to have you.  But what you don't know is that the prince of
Darkness wants you because he doesn't want the Prince of Peace to have
you.  The prince of Darkness was using you as a pawn.  The Prince of
Peace loves you.  You are His Bride.  He is coming for you!  Will you
be ready?  Submit yourself wholly unto Him, faithful and true, and
you will have life "Happily Ever After".  Read the Book.  The "hows"
and  "whys"  are all in It.  And in the end you'll see,  the Prince
of Peace wins!


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