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Perpetrator Relationships of Child Fatalities, 2006

I have often checked other websites that deal with domestic abuse.  One of the common threads I find on most of them is that if a man abuses his wife, he will most likely abuse his children also.  This is one example of a statistic I pulled from a "Christian" website on abuse.  

50-70% of men who abuse their partners also abuse children in the home.

What is wrong with the above statement?  First of all, it is not true.  It does not address abusive women at all and it counts on the reader to assume that most of all the child abuse is by men. This is not surprising.  Whenever we hear a public service announcement about child abuse, they give the impression that a man is the abuser.  When the media reports it, they often exclude the gender of the offender unless dad is the abuser. The result is that often when we hear of someone abusing a child, society assumes it was a man.

Let us look at the real data and then we will show why not acknowledging t his is actually harmful to our children

Some data on child abuse from Child Maltreatment 2006, a report by the Federal Administration for Children & Families...

Perpetrator Relationships of Fatalities
Three-quarters (78.9%) of child fatalities were caused by one or
more parents (figure 4-2).5 Almost one-third (31.3%) of fatalities
were perpetrated by the mother acting alone.6 Nonparental
perpetrators (e.g., other relative, foster parent, residential
facility staff, "other," and legal guardian) were responsible for
10.6 percent of fatalities. When these nonparental perpetrators were
further examined, it was found that 3.3 percent of fatalities were
caused by male partners of a parent.


Victims by Parental Status of Perpetrators, 2003

This bar graphs shows that approximately two-fifths (40.8%) of child victims were maltreated by their mothers acting alone; another 18.8 percent were maltreated by their fathers acting alone; 16.9 percent were abused by both their mother and father. Victims abused by a nonparental perpetrator accounted for 13.4 percent of the total.

Why is it important ?

Why is it important to know the real data?  Well as I stated at the start of this page, many only think of the man as the abuser be it their spouse or child abuse. As a result, many women can be abusive and not even realize that what  they are doing is abuse.  Those that do realize it may think that since only men are abusive, they must be freaks and therefore will be much more resistive to seeking help. To compound this, often when women are extremely abusive, they are either not charged, or they are given nothing but a slap on the hand.  You can see this in The Female Sentence Discount for Crime.   

Would it not be better to allow these women to seek help before their actions become a crime?  Should we not encourage all of our people to seek help before their actions become a crime? With the damage we see to children in broken homes would it not be best to encourage family stability instead of encouraging divorce and single parenthood? Fatherless homes are very damaging to our children yet we are producing them at a record level.  We encourage women to literally plan on being single parents although they plan on keeping the father out.  I contend that this is child abuse. 

Our churches are equally guilty of this. They either ignore domestic abuse or they distort the facts just as do the gender feminist who are out to destroy our homes.  Some of this can be seen in "A Letter To WGNR and Focus Ministries "  Not only do most of  these ministries distort the actual facts of abuse, few include the only real solution to any human problem.  One ministry I contacted when Shattered Men was founded at least does include this on their website after we pointed it out.  Their "facts" are still distorted but at least they are telling people "how to get saved and know it"

I contend that no ministry can be Biblically based if they continue to use distorted facts once it has been pointed out using unbiased sources.  Truth can not be based upon lies. 

I realize that not all ministries can address all of the problems of society, but if anyone comes to any Christian ministry that they are unable to help, it is that ministries responsibility to do their best to find a place where they can get help.

Once again, the real solution for abuse can be found in The First Step to Better Relationship

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