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I do hope that my testimony can help some one my testimony of my abortion, I grew up not knowing much love at all in my home yet it was primarily a Christian home. I especially never experienced a fathers love as a daughter should . so as I turned 14 I became sexually promiscuous. as a matter of fact things were so hard to live with in my home that I consistently ran away . at which, one of these times I had run away I went to stay with my boyfriend in an old abandoned house and with several other friends proceeded to set up home as a married couple would . we even talked of legally getting married. with in a week or so I turned 15 and also discovered I was pregnant . we were both excited and constantly bragged about it. but, then since I was a run-away I got picked up by the police as I tried to get medical care for my baby's safety. they returned me to my parents home after setting me up with a case worker because of the constant running away the state considered me a delinquent child even though every time I got caught by the police it was for trying to do the responsible things in my life such as : trying to go to the doctors or trying to enroll myself in school. when they sent me home my worker informed my mother that I was pregnant. between the two of them they decided I had to have an abortion. not me , my heart broke . I am not killing my baby. so I ran away time after time and kept being brought back until the state worker finally took me to the planned parent hood clinic. and with one day left before it was illegal to perform an abortion I was given a Valium and forced to endure the violation of taking my child physically from my body. from then on I went into a world where I never remember even being pregnant until 1993 when my best friend and I decided to go to a class called Lord prepare me and as we began in the workbook my memories came flooding back. as a teen after the abortion , I always had a sadness that I couldn't repair . I tried suicide more times than I can remember . I even tried church but, all I ever felt was guilt and shame so again I would try suicide. I even tried to overdose in church but, God would not let goof me. as I began having the memories I began to get healing and year after year I experienced a new stage of the healing and until this year when the final completion of the healing took place. God brought me to a place of forgiveness for all of those involved. INCLUDING MYSELF! I also had to come to a place where I forgave God . I miss my child very much but, God has also given me a vision of David in the arms of Jesus and of Jesus saying to me " do not worry, anymore David is in my arms and I will keep him safe until you come home. " it has been 23 years but, every year I experience a new peace. God has led me to many forms of healing such as:  a death certificate was developed. I gave him name that was God -given. and I aver this year written the poem . to him. and now I feel that God is calling to share his healing with ALL who have been touched by the effects by of abortion. to the woman who has had an abortion and to the woman who is thinking of having an abortion. to the siblings whose parent had an abortion , to the fathers fathers who have lost their children to abortion, whether it was their request or that they didn't receive a choice.. to the grandparents and the prospective spouses. God wants to set all free and heal all . ! He loves you no matter what you've done where you've been. by: Cheryl Alexander Jimenez march 20, 2000


"DAVID" I am crying for you my son, to the very depths of my heart, wishing that we were never apart. I'm sorry that mommy wasn't strong enough to stand my ground and protect you and keep you safe I was but, fifteen years old and didn't have any faith in any one. I'm asking for your forgiveness, given only by God's infinite grace, For you I will always yearn but, it was an awful way for me to learn, that Christ is the only place in which I could have turned. My Jesus will keep you safe in his arms, of this I am certain, and one day soon , I will hold you close, until then you will always be deep in my heart and never far from my mind. Please remember that I Love you and I always will. dedicated to :David Nasah Joel Alexander by his mother Cheryl Alexander Jimenez February 2000 on the 23rd year of his death

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