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"I Care"! Two little words but they could make an eternal difference in
someone's life. Of course, when this happens, it also impacts dozens of other
lives too.

I have been in extended care for a full two weeks now. Yes I could have gone
home two or three days after surgery but I know I would not do the exercises
needed to strength the knee that will be next on the25TH nor would I do what
was needed to gain full flexion and extension of the knee that was replaced. A
week ago, I wrote a message that meant so much to me, "For Such A Time As
This!" The person who reminded me that it was GOD that brought me to this
place at this time for a reason also told me that she was sure there would be
more "for such a time as this" moments. I sure pray that there are.

Already, I have seen doors being opened. One resident has not eaten for several
days. One day we were waiting for dinner (they have several tables and I sit at
one with several others but as I took time to talk to her, she moved and came to
the empty spot at our table. She also told me that although her boyfriend
comes almost every day, no one in her family does...they do not even bother to

She has told me she was depressed. I already knew that. I would be depressed
too if no one cared if I were here. I do believe the LORD has me here for her
for such a time as this.

Another resident can hardly talk. She has to be fed as her arms are weak but
her daughters come almost every day to see her. She can't walk either but a few
days ago, when we were in P T, (I will write about PT later) I was batting a
ballon to another person about 7 or 8 feet away. This really does have a
purpose as we have to stand to do it so it helps me learn to maintain balance
and to spend time standing on the new knee. When the other person batted the
ballon to me, it went over to this lady I have told you about. She battered it
to the other person so I told her that was great so when it was battered to me,
I battered it to this lady so we could make it a three way event. It was worth
it to see the glow on her face to be included in this game. The therapist took
note of this too and told me that they were going to make sure her time to do
PT was at the same time as mine. Yesterday, I was not in PT as they
thought I had a doctors appointment in the morning but the staff told me that
she was looking for me. (I want to add that along with a simple "I care"
there is power in honest praise)

Today, one of the men that sit at my table was not there. We found out that he
was not feeling well. After breakfast, I walked by his room nd saw him laying
in bed and asked if I could come in. We talked for about a half hour and when
I was getting ready to leave, I asked him if we could pray together. We did!

While I am doing this, I am trying to be careful so that no one thinks I am
trying to be staff. Speaking about the staff, I can see that most of them
really care about the residents here.

"I care" Two simple words but they can really make a difference between life
and death if we honestly say them to someone who has reached the end of their
rope. Oh we may never know that they have. We may never know that they feel
hopeless but a simple touch of their hand or arm with those two little words...I
care! may change the course of someone's life.

Even more important, can they SEE Jesus in You? It does not matter what we say
if they cannot see Jesus in us. We are told that when Moses spent time with
the Most High GOD, when he returned, his face glowed so brightly that people
had to cover their eyes. Do people see this glow in you? You know, we are
the ONLY Jesus many will ever see. Will they WANT Jesus from what they see in

If they asked you how they could be a Christian too....would you know how to
tell them? It is actually easier then it sounds BUT we must be careful not to
give some one a false sense of security. I have heard pastors ask people if
they believed that Jesus died for our sin and if they said yes, they were
declared a Christian. This does NOT make anyone a Christian. Even satan
knows that Christ died for our sin but he certainly is not a Christian. In
order to BE a Christian, we must ask GOD APPLY the payment Christ made to our

Well let me give you this link to show how easy it is to show someone how to be
a Christian and to know that they are heaven bound. Oh, by the way, If YOU are
not a Christian, it is something you can do in an instant and find the peace and
love only GOD can give that so many have already found. This link will tell you
how to change your eternal destiny in only a few moments.


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