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We had a hearing to try to get custody of Debbie's daughter back, on November 17, 2000. Due to bureaucratic delay and an arrogant
Department of Social Services, the hearing was postponed until November 28th. During that
time, the daughter must languish in a foster home, even though plenty of family is available
to care for her.

This is a typical ploy to gain control, and to have time to try to get damaging admissions from her by regular interrogation. Once they get an
admission that is sufficiently bad, then they will have a pretext to keep custody of the

The charges against Debbie are:
1. Prayer - it appears that within a family, prayer is abusive conduct.
2. Teaching of forgiveness - this also is abusive conduct.
3. Making a child do housework.

Debbie's daughter is a very caring, loving child. She enjoys helping and wanted to help her Mommy, who was suffering a back injury, get better. She ASKED her mother, "Mommy, what can I do?" So she helped to do a few chores around the house. This was twisted around to mean 'abuse.' The question put to the little girl was "What do you do to help Mommy?" How would your children answer that one?

Please be aware that the Child Protective services department in every state in the nation now has experimental programs, for which they NEED many new children into the system each day. The more children the State has in these programs the more money the State receives. Worse, the federal adoption laws pay big bonuses for every child the state can grab, and eventually place for adoption The state can make $25,000 to $250,000 per child per year while they have them in captivity, and then more cash when they adopt them out. This has turned social services into a business of stealing and selling children for profit.

 Please also be aware: There is NO Due Process for children in this nation. There are secret trials, without juries, illegal searches of homes without a warrant to take children, very little proof needed to prove abuse, automatic custody of children given to the state, and other atrocities.

Once they are taken by DSS they can have no representation except what DSS approves of. DSS then works with the children to manipulate them into saying things that can and will be used against the family, or to say, in any way they can, to say "I don't want to go home."
When that is said or implied, the child is then put up for adoption. THEN the State gets XXX number of dollars for every child from DSS that gets

If you can take the time, please read the attachment on the Adoption Law that President
Clinton signed into effect in 1997. If you can access Title 42, please read that also.

The family will return to court Tuesday, Nov. 28th for the next court appearance. We still do not know where the little girl is or what they have done to her. They cruelly let the family know that she is "very happy where she is."


1. Pray!
2. Commit to praying daily for Debbie's daughter that she will not be manipulated to say things that can hurt her or her family. That she will be returned to her mother's arms (she aches to hold her again) on the 28th. That the judge will order her returned to her rightful home.
3. Commit to praying daily for Debbie & Billy ~ as they and each of us realize that the battle presents much bigger issues than we at first thought. Debbie realizes that they have come to the kingdom for "such a time as this." (Esther 4:14)
4. Commit to praying daily for the judge that she will be impartial and see the travesty that has taken place here. (She has cancelled her vacation to continue to sit on this case. We don't know if this is favorable or not.) Pray that she will be compelled to give a righteous judgment.
5. Pray for the lawyer - he needs a special measure of God's grace ~ there is so much taking place ~ that he doesn't get distracted and can remain focused.
6. DO NOTHING without the family's AND the lawyers' approval. We need to focus on getting the child home. THEN we can do the next things...
7. Commit to becoming educated about what is going on in our country. Read. Search out
information. Become involved. Realize that this IS indeed happening and hurting children and families all across this nation of ours. If you have internet service, please check out:

8. Get involved IN the world around you and be the "salt" and "light" you should be.
9. Encourage those who are going through heartaches and trials and don't say,
"What did YOU DO?" Being judgmental at a time like this only adds to the burdens and difficulties. God hasn't explained to us what He is doing. NOR does He HAVE
to!  Please re-read the charges again! Could YOU be charged with this?
10. Pray for the extended family that we can be a godly comfort and positive help to our kids and precious little granddaughter at such a difficult
times in their lives. We all missed out on celebrating the little one's birthday. Now we must all miss her at Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your love and your concern for each of us. Please forward this as you prayerfully see fit. The lawyer approved of us writing this
letter. The facts have been verified by him and he added some web sites.

Because of Calvary,
Bill & Marianne
Ps. 62:5
"Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God's." 2 Chronicles 20:12

My hope is built on nothing less Than Jesus' blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, But wholly trust in Jesus' name. On Christ the solid rock I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand; All other ground is sinking sand.

This very thing also happened to MEN who are "accused" of DV by their wife or girlfriends. There IS no due process of law for these men. They are often intimidated into signing paper admitting to DV to avoid a costly trial but that also means they are now "guilty" and have a record which WILL be used against them.

Don't Plead Guilty!

A strategy being used by domestic violence courts these days is to manipulate parents (usually men) into pleading guilty in minor domestic violence situations. This, of course, sets the mother up to take over the house, the kids and to have control over the father's life from then on. This also increases the statistics on wife abuse which helps to twist the real truth of domestic violence. Women's' groups want to increase the conviction numbers so that they can get millions of taxpayer's dollars to put even more men in jail. Once a  man has pleaded guilty this can be used against him for the rest of his life. 
Do not plead guilty to ANYTHING you did not do.

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