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Very few men these days are willing to come out into the open and say that their wives have abused them ,emotionally, sexually, and physically. There is only one org. in Canada I believe that does, but one is not enough at all. there are men out there who want to express what takes place in their lives but for some issue of pride they fail to report a crime of abuse and thus make themselves guilty before God. Even if it is an attack against him. Silence means one is guilty. In our feminized Country we hear about shelters for women and homes for abused women and children , but what of the men?

Women emerge as aggressors in Alberta survey 67% of women questioned say they started severe conflicts

Obstruction of Justice by Police and Crown

A father's suicide

Wednesday, 5 February 2003

Most dads not deadbeats

Canadian Senator speaks for fathers in the U.S.

Mom tried to hire a hit man; daughter still lives with her

Terrorism alive and well in Canada

Men 'one phone call' from total destruction'

False allegations happen with alarming regularity

A Degraded Justice

Bill 117 2000


A story of the Ark and Canada's Family Justice System

The Matriarchy Rules

Who, exactly, does NAC represent?

The Domestic Violence Protection Act

Canada's prisoner of conscience

Fairness for Fathers rejected by government

Canadian Hospitality

(thank you Canada)


Farther arrests Milton family court judge!

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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