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Once again, I sit at the same computer, at almost the same time as I did last night. I still have many of the same feelings as I did when I sat here clicking the keyboard and saw "Hold on My Child" come out as a result. There is so much more to say. There still are those that have been shattered that have not been addressed.

I have talked to many that have shattered bodies. They are ravished with disease. Cancer has taken its toll. One recently had hours of surgery and now has found out her body is rejecting all of the hardware that was put into her. Others still have to have yet another bout of chemotherapy which will result in a lot of agony alone for you see; any chemotherapy is nothing more then a careful poisoning of the body, hoping to get the cancer cells faster then the good cells.

What do we say to these people that can not get enough pain meds to even dull the pain? What do we say when the doctor informs them of yet another setback?

Many have loved ones that do not know the LORD. What do we say to that woman that is trying to submit to her husband only to find that he thinks submission equals slavery? What do we say to the man whose wife contests everything he says or does?

I have talked to many that have told me that all of their life they wanted to have a happy family, a couple of kids, a house with a white picket fence and to live happily ever after only to find those dreams dashed and trodden underfoot by spouses that run away, or children that rebel at all they were taught.

We all know the story of the prodigal son as told in Luke 15. We know about the father. What about his mother? We are not told about her are we? Oh the questions we can think of about this. Did she leave for some reason before this time? Was she still there and did she blame her husband for all that went wrong? Can you hear it? "Aaron, if you were not such an idiot, my son would be home where he belongs…but NOOOO you had to give him his inheritance and now we will never see him again. Why he may even be dead and it is all your fault."

We have people that work beside us, people that attend church and may well sit in the pew behind us that have prodigal sons or daughters. Have you talked to them? Do you help lift their burdens?

There are several here who have told me that for all practical reasons, some of their children are prodigal even though they may still be at home. Several have daughters who are wearing cloths that are so low cut that they fear that the 23rd Psalm may be implemented at anytime. Some have found very inappropriate things on the pc that their children have been into.

What do we say to these people to let them know that there was still no emergency meeting in heaven? That it did not catch God by surprise? God is still in control and He can still reach them? How do we let go and allow GOD to work? I too face these issues in my own life.

Still others come to me and ask how they can become a strong Christian. They tell me they keep trying and they keep failing. Every time they try to serve the Lord, they fall flat on their face. Somehow they think the moderator of these Christian groups have it made...they are strong and some think we have grown wings and a halo. Nothing could be farther from the truth because we are doing nothing that they can not do.

Actually, instead of asking…what can we tell these people that are trying to work for the LORD but keep failing…I do have the answer for THIS one.

The answer to those that are trying to work for the LORD and not being able to do it is simple.



Yes you heard me right. Stop doing the above …and simply learn to LOVE HIM!!!!

If I love someone, the things I do for that person are no longer a task, no longer a JOB, but a pleasure as I can do things that please them. When a husband and wife love each other, it is not a task to do things the other one likes. It is a pleasure.

I saw a Little House on the Prairie episode one time in which Charles got some real glass for the window. Someone sat on it and it broke. This happened several times. Broken glass can not do what it was intended to do, just as those with shattered lives can not. All there are is broken pieces. Many here feel that all they have is broken pieces.

There are answers my friend.

Have you failed in life's battle, to accomplish your plans? Is your heart heavy laden, do you fear the Lord's command? Do you feel that no one loves you and there's just no use to try Bring your cares to Jesus, Your soul He'll satisfy

You may feel that there's no hope, broken hearts just cannot mend. Though you're torn in many pieces, God can make you whole again.

Storms of doubt go all directions, but don't you be afraid. God can make all corrections; He made a body out of clay.

Pick up the broken pieces, and bring them to the Lord. Pick up the broken pieces, trust in His Holy Word. He will put them back together, He will make your life complete. Just place the broken pieces at the Savior's feet

If you do not know the Lord, if you are not sure you have eternal life, you can find that assurance right now. Then you can take the broken pieces and leave them with HIM.

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