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Blessings or a Curse?

When I think back, I can see that many of the times my children got
hurt when they were growing up was when they disobeyed me or their
mother. Oh needless to say, no parent can protect their children
from all hurts no matter how vigilent they are. It only takes a
second for a child to do something that will hurt them. Often it is
more out of their natural curiosity then anything else. Even in my
own childhood, I can see where this happened too. I am sure if
most of you think back, you can confirm this with your children or
yourself when you were a child. Oh there are far too many that this
does not apply to as one or both of their parents were abusive but
overall, I do think it does apply.

This pattern does not surprise me. God has placed honoring our
parents on the TOP TEN listing. Honoring includes obeying them.
Ok....I will admit it....there are some things about this "honoring"
thing that I sure can not understand! How do we tell a 5 year old
that is beaten to honor the one who did it? What do we say to a now
teenage boy or girl about their mother or father when they think
back several years to when they were held down so some other adult
could molest them? How are they suppose to honor that person? What
do we say to these precious people about a mother or father that
should have been a MOM or a DAD? You see, almost any mature female
can be a mother, and any mature male can be a father but it takes a
very special man or woman to be a mom or a dad! How do we honor
someone that failed miserably at their task of being a mom or a dad?

The answer to this question goes to the heart of the reason for this
message. The question, is what do we want from GOD? Do we want
blessings or do we want a curse?

Deuteronomy 11:26 "Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and
a curse;"

My friend, according to the Word of GOD...we can have either a
blessing or a curse upon our life. It depends upon US!!!

Verse 27 states: "A blessing, if ye obey the commandments of the
LORD your God, which I command you this day:"

Remember, the command....not suggestion is to honor our parents. IF
we obey the Lord's commands, we are blessed.

We can be cursed however for we see in the next verse:

"And a curse, if ye will not obey the commandments of the LORD your
God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to
go after other gods, which ye have not known"

I have found that if we disobey in one of God's commandments, we are
likely to disobey in others. When we refuse to obey, we also put
other things ahead of the LORD and anything...ANYTHING we put
before the LORD becomes an becomes our god.

I have heard too often, and I said it a time or two in the past....I
will serve the LORD...IF God does this or if HE does that. Need a
couple of examples?

GOD, I will serve You IF I get to marry that guy or that gal...

GOD, I will serve You IF I get that job or if I get that new house.
I will serve You if only You will help me win this custody battle!
I will.... Oh My us to listen to ourselves. Help us to
hear what we are actually saying! Change the desire of my heart
from what I what YOU want for me my LORD.

Blessings or a Curse? The choice is ours my friend. I will also
assure you that GOD will never ask us to do anything we are not able
to do...but often we will need to relay upon His grace and strength
to do it. Like this honor your parents thing. For many of us it
would be impossible to do this on our own power but with HIS...we
can do it. It will involve an act of the will. Lord...I chose to
honor those whom You have commanded me to honor. I chose to forgive
them for their abuse. Oh yea...we do need to chose to forgive them
because we can not obey the LORD until we do. If we do not obey the
Lord's commands...we will not be blessed.

Now for a disclaimer. If you have not accepted the payment Jesus
Christ made for your sin, You do not have the ability to do this.
In fact, my even suggesting it has gotten you madder then a wet
hornet. Still the blessing or the curse will apply to you. If you
do not accept the Lord for salvation, a curse of eternal separation
from God will apply to you. If you do accept HIS gift of
forgiveness, His mercy will endure forever in your life and you will
be blessed beyond all measure....and you will have the ability to
forgive and to honor even those who do not deserve honor.

Blessings or a Curse? The choice is yours...and yours alone.

For the best blessing ever....

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