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Baldy is a member of Shattered Men.  The story he has written below is the reason THIS group exists.  Please read it.  Also, remember that this story is real.  This is not only Baldy's story, but it is the story for thousands, even tens of thousands of others.  These are true stories, but stories that do not have a solution in our society

Please pray for these people.  Pray that we can see real justice.  Most of all, please remember that those that will hurt the most from all this is our CHILDREN.  Children NEED BOTH PARENTS.

Baldy's story

Sometimes, I wonder who controls truth, joy and laughter. Who gives it and
who has the right to take it away?

Every Daddy has his story and sure people listen, but they really do not
seem to care.  They do not understand why a Daddy can feel such anger.  So,
they send you away, as if  "Daddy" does not have any thing pertinent to say,
that they
have not heard before that time.  So, again, Daddy walks away, with his head

The emotional trauma, an excruciating pain, hits Daddy later, while on the
phone with his beautiful baby girl --- that the "Powers that Be" are really
not listening.

The one's not listening, are not listening to the sad little girl's voice
saying {believing} that her Daddy does not love her any more, because he
not let her come to his home.  {The true Facts are: Daddy cannot allow his
child into his home, due to the machinations and lies made up about him, by
the little girl's Mother.}  The baby girl is confused.  The Daddy's
thoughts surface, such as, 'Why is Daddy considered to be only as good as
his monetary contributions?'

So, Daddy will just get angry, because he really just does not know what to
say.  Always, Daddy has the nagging thought of reality, wherefore Daddies
only good for one thing: money.  No matter how much money Daddy has given,
still is not able to see his child.

It first began by the courts taking every thing Daddy owns and worked hard
for his entire life.  When all monies and belongings, which Daddy had were
all gone, taken by the laws, who do not defend him, nor did they seek the
truth in his situation.  Daddy still does not feel losing any monetary items
or monies for his baby girl are a "loss", since when the monies are all
gone, it still does not matter, because Daddy thinks, 'It will make a
difference.  No possessions, nor money are worth more then seeing your
baby.'  Yet, in the end, it does not change:  Mommy gets everything,
including the baby girl ...

Daddy's goal is to achieve monetary gain, by working two jobs and
paying all the bills that were accrued, while Daddy  and Mommy were
together, plus Daddy pays child support (which is the only pleasure he
receives for his hard work).  Daddy knows no one notices he is doing more
than his part.   Daddy does not mind the striving to make the payments,
since it is all for the good of his child; all of this, still, does not
matter to Daddy  .. Yes, he loses a lot, but now there are papers and a
court order that says he gets to see his baby.   Daddy is full of joy, with
the awaited for, anticipated visit(s).

Finally, the first visitation comes and Daddy is  thinking, 'Great, it will
be just Daddy an Daddy's girl, visiting alone together, so life is going
well.'  ...
Twenty minutes after Daddy's first visitation begins, the baby girl is found
crying and saying, "Mommy hurt Daddy."  The little baby girl is NOT
prompted to say anything against her Mother;  the child has seen her Mother
go to her Daddy's home and physically harm him, since, now, the Police are
Daddy's house (where Mommy has a restraint order to keep her from going to
Daddy's home) ... but what are papers any way?   Daddy is covered in
scratches and bruises and Mommy does not have a mark, since it was Mommy who
hurt Daddy and Daddy was docile and did not raise a hand to harm Mommy ...
So, the parents, both, are taken to jail, but Mommy, again,  is allowed to
go home, but NOT Daddy.

Daddy is officially charged with {another, untrue} Domestic Violence Charge.
All these "Domestic Violence" charges were evoked from the machinations and
lies told by Mommy.  Even though Daddy's hands never came out of his pockets
to harm Mommy.  There were two witnesses present to attest to the Daddy's
innocence, plus: Daddy's girl saying, "Mommy hurt Daddy".  Let us remember:
there is a current court order {Restraining Order} stating Mommy could NOT
be there.   Daddy is still found guilty of Domestic Violence, for a crime he
did not commit.

Then there is Daddy's girl begging to go live with Daddy. The courts still
revoke his rights as a Father.  The Court says, " Daddy is too violent
to be around kids."  Sure, Daddy gets to see his girl once a week, for the
few seconds it takes to pass his pay check through a car window and he is
happy to have this fleeting moment to see his daughter and delighted to give
money to support his girl  ...  but then, Daddy gets to listen to his little
girl beg her Mommy to let her go with Daddy:  Still, no one listens, nor
does anyone seem to care for the reality of the real truths, except the
Little Girl and her Daddy.

From Daddy's point of view, since that is me, 'I get it. You listen to the
Mother, no matter what lies she tells or what manipulations she may chose to
use.  In my reality, it will  NOT matter what truths Daddy has to say. Will
you even listen to what the child has to say?  What about Daddy, as his
Daughter is saying and asking for the same thing {To have time together, to
live in the same home, also}?   Does it even matter then?  Does it {still}
fall on deaf ears, unless the child is begging to solely reside with her

When a man loses his kid, that's not all he loses, sometimes it feels as though hes lost his soul too.

Where are you I wonder and what are you dreaming if if you are sleeping.

Your sparkling little eyes finding marvelousness in the littlest of bits.

Your pretty little smile could cripple the strongest of all hearts.

Your hands so tiny but the task of gripping my heart is none for you.

Some people seem to think that the little things dont add up to much, but some of us still wonder what we ever did to deserve such things, as butterfly kiss and sweet little angle hugs and we sure wouldn't miss all the raspberry slobers through the day.

You were my night, you were my day, and you still are and much more. You are my perfect sun rise and my beautiful star filled night sky.

Where are you I wonder and what you are dreaming if you are sleeping.

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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