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From time to time, I get questions sent to me in e-mail that some do not want to post. Most often, they are good questions. I did this when someone asked ' Why should I believe?" when I wrote: "Why don't you believe?" 

Now on to this question...and my answer at the end.



I see all the pictures of Jesus holding small children on his lap
And I see the bigger ones being held in his arms. 
And it all seems so peaceful and loving and happy.

If he was here now maybe he would really do that 
and he would be kind, gentle, and loving to children.
Maybe he really would take time to speak to them.

But what would it be like in heaven?
Would he really take time to hold children or not?
would anyone really expect him to?

Wouldnt he be too busy being the king?
Wouldnt he be too busy listening to heaven sing?
wouldnt I be too busy listening and looking and hoping?

I need him now to hold me and keep me safe
to take away all the fear and pain
I need him to hold me and protect me all day and night

Maybe he would do all those wonderful things here
but that was back then when he walked the earth 
Surely in heaven he will have way too much else to do

So many people will be there wanting to see him
wanting to enjoy their new homes and bodies
so many will cling to him, that there'll be no room for me.

I need him now and i need him then 
but what will really happen when its all over and done
will it all be just a joke, a stupid lie, a worthless hope?


My friend, Jesus said that unless we come to Him as little children, we could not find salvation. You see, a child is very loving and trusting unless that trust has been violated by abuse and even then, often they still want to trust. Jesus would never be abusive to anyone however. He is LOVE personified (if love was a person, Jesus is that person) Jesus did get angry. He got angry when people misused the temple...the house of GOD and He got angry when His own apostles would not let some children come to Him and He demanded that they let Him come to Him. Anger is not wrong when it causes us to react to injustice in the right ways.

You asked if He were here now...would He still do that? Absolutely. You see, Jesus does not change. What He was then, He is now. That is why we can count on Him regardless of what happens. That is why we can ask "What would Jesus do?" The Bible tells us Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

About the children, we do not really know what our bodies will be like. I do know that all the babies that died will be there but I would doubt they would still be babies. I also doubt that those that died when they were very old would show their age either for we know we will all have perfect bodies. What age each of us will be, I do not know but I do know children are very precious to many of us and especially to GOD so I would tend to believe there will be children there too. If there are, they will have access to HIM Whatever it is like, I know we will love it!

You ask if Jesus would be too busy being King? When Jesus was here on this Earth, He became a man and as such, He was limited by time and space. Now that He is back in Heaven, there are no limits. He can hear EACH of us even if we are all praying at the same time and HE hears each of us as if we were the ONLY one talking to Him. He can be there with you and at the same time, here with me. We call this omnipresent. He can be with each one that knows Him all at the same time. Now when Jesus returns, He will set up an Earthly rule for 1000 years and He will be on the Throne in Jerusalem but I do believe He will have time for those that need to talk to Him day or night because He will not need to sleep. For the minor problems, He will use those that KNOW Him because we are told we will rule with Him.

You say: "I need him now to hold me and keep me safe take away all the fear and pain"

My friend, Jesus wants to do that far more then you want it. 

1 John 4:18:  There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

The Psalms tells us a lot about the safety of knowing the LORD. We are often told that those who would set traps for us will fall into these traps themselves....that Jesus is our hiding place and in HIM there is safety. 

I will not promise anyone that if they accept the greatest gift ever given...Jesus that they will never have a problem after that. Nor will I promise that there would never be any bad things happening to them after that...but I will promise that Jesus will never leave you, that whatever happens to you, GOD can make something good from it. I will promise a peace that we can not understand, Joy that can not be measured. There is no way I can explain all of this. The link I gave above does try to do so.

You say "I need Him" My friend, truer words have never been spoken. I need HIM every moment of every day. He has given me a reason for living and He has given me life itself. 

You conclude: "when its all over and done will it all be just a joke, a stupid lie, a worthless hope?"

Let me answer this too. Jesus tells us in John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly

satan would love for us to think that Jesus lied since all we have to do to spend an eternity with NOTHING! If we simply call upon the name of Jesus, we will be given eternal life. 

What if this is all a joke? What if all there is to life is this life and then nothing? Well, if that is it...I have lost NOTHING. You see, Jesus has kept every promise He has made me. 

Jim Elliot said: "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." When one comes to Jesus, they gain what they could not eternal. It makes far more sense to believe in Jesus then it does not to. I have nothing to lose, and heaven to gain. 

You essentially there room for YOU???


The cross upon which Jesus died is a shelter in which we can hide;
And its grace so free is sufficient for me,
And deep is its fountain - as wide as the sea.

Tho millions have found Him a friend and have turned from the sins they have sinned,
The Savior still waits to open the gates
And welcome a sinner before it's too late.

There's room at the cross for you; 
There's room at the cross for you.
Tho millions have come, 
There's still room for one-

"The Savior still waits to open the gates And welcome a sinner before it's too late."

My friend.....if YOU have never trusted JESUS....won't you PLEASE be the next sinner that comes home? Won't you PLEASE trust HIM? 

It is not an accident that you are reading this now. It is not an accident that my LORD has placed this on my heart to plea with place your trust in HIM. It may be the last time you will have the chance. It could be your FINAL ANSWER:

To have eternal life...

Room at the Cross..

"The Savior still waits to open the gates And welcome a sinner before it's too late." 

My friend...Jesus is calling YOUR name right now...please answer HIS call...there IS room at the Cross....for YOU!!!!

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