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Dear Children

Dear Andrew,

Where do I start, and what do I say? These two questions I have not
been able to answer for quite some time. Let me first start by
wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It is hard to believe your 13, it's
seems a lifetime ago. I know it has been hard on you the past 4
years; I also had parents who just could not live together. However
like you, I had loving grandparents who loved me as their own giving
me as much balance as possible. I thank God that he provided you with
the same security, further proof that God protects his tender young.
Andrew, the gift I have for you is one that has taken me 13 years to
remember that I had it. And 36 years to develop, my hope is that my
gift of testimony will draw you closer to our heavenly father. On May
the 10th 1988 a miracle was performed, I found Jesus! After 27 hours
of labor your mother delivered the 2nd miracle, Andrew Michael Q! But
little did your mother and I know, the miracle had only just begun.
The nurses rushed you off with hardly enough time to count finger and
toes, and then the doctor explained that you had ingested your own
waste inside the womb. He said that the lab results showed a staff
infection that would attack your brain, and that most likely the
brain damage would result in a lifetime of care. Later that day after
seeing you with an IV in your forehead in the infant intensive care
unit, I broke down and disappeared for the next couple days. I do not
remember much, but when the darkness was replaced with light, I

True Blessings
The prayer was a request to make you right, to have mercy on you and
in return I would serve him the rest of my life. I WOULD DO ANYTHING
HE REQUIRED! Now sometimes it might seem that Gods not listening or
that he does not answer us as quick as we would like, but he did not
waste anytime on this prayer. That same day I returned to Eden
Hospital to find you gone from the ICU, immediately I thought you
dead, then your doctor appeared and informed me that you had been
moved down with the other babies and that the lab results were a
mistake and that you were going to be fine! Mistake! I think not, the
only mistake was what I failed to do until recently.

True Praise
Praise God! Son, if I do nothing more for the rest of my life I pray
that you learn from my mistakes. I pray that you realize just how
special you are early in your life. I pray forgiveness and love guide
you in the days and years to come. He sacrificed his son Jesus so we
would not have to sacrifice our children. Loving God, forgiving and
loving others is the only cost for an eternity of blessings and
miracles. I am proof of his loving forgiveness and mercy, I hope that
one day I can share the miracles I have witnessed the last 36 years.
One last thing, the toughest test of faith is the one that gives the
greatest strength, patience and endurance. God does answer all
prayers asked in the Lords name. However the answer is not always
what you expect, I prayed that night before our last counseling
session that the Lord resolve our painful and difficult situation and
that he do what was best for you. I believe the following day the
Lord answered my prayer by providing you with the courage to speak
the truth, and me the strength to accept it. Son I want you to know I
never gave up on you, I gave it to the Lord! And I know you have been
in good hands, that in it self is a blessing to me. Please write when
you get a chance. Happy Birthday and God Bless.
Love Dad

Written Sun Jun 29, 2003  10:16 am

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