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The Arlington (VA) Journal - Letters - 01/05/01

Feminists wrong about violence

Letter-writer Rosemary Ciotti says the state of Virginia should deny Second Amendment rights to men who have committed ``violence against women" (Letters, Dec. 27). 

  Ms. Ciotti's rambling rationale might be summed up as follows: The state's duty to prevent domestic violence against innocent, helpless victims is vastly more important than preserving the constitutionally guaranteed rights of convicted criminals.   

 If Ms. Ciotti truly believes that, she might want to consider a different victim, a different criminal and a different right.    

Children are the only truly innocent, truly helpless victims of domestic violence. Despite that obvious truth, feminists routinely overlook children in their crusade against domestic violence.    

No doubt feminists are very much aware that women, not men, commit the vast majority of domestic violence against children. Single-parenthood, it seems, has exacerbated this long-standing problem by giving mommy a completely free hand (no pun intended).    

At present, the government does little more than slap these women on the wrists and send them on their way. Within a few weeks, days or even hours, the government puts helpless children right back into the terrifying clutches of mommy dearest.    

When later we read that one of these brutal she-beasts has given her child its final, merciful release, we feign great outpourings of outrage - and then send some other child straight home from the hospital to an equally violent mother.    

Perhaps society should deny domestically violent men the right to bear arms on the grounds that men who have struck women might later murder their victim. If so, the state should deny domestically violent women the right to have children on the same grounds. Indeed, the reasons for taking extreme measures to protect children are much more obvious than those for protecting adult women.    

Frankly, double-talking feminists have made it almost impossible for any reasonable person to fathom the victimhood status of women. As the occasion demands, feminists alternately describe women as the complete equals of men in every way, including the capacity for military violence in military combat careers, and at other times describe women as the historically helpless and innocent victims of marauding males who, so feminists say, are inherently more violent than women.    

Thankfully, there is no such ambiguity in the case of children who are victims of domestic violence. In the case of child victims, the innocence, the helplessness, the total lack of options, and the critically urgent need for society's protection are all quite real and quite unambiguous. Thanks to women like Ms. Ciotti, so is the solution.   




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