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 What types of alters are there?

The typical family members/alters that are found in a person with MPD include:
Core: Almost all families/systems have a core personality. It is usually the "original child" who went away during the act of abuse that caused the first family member/alter to come out.
Host: Usually scared, depressed and has no clue s/he could be MPD.
Protectors: Strong, angry family members/alters some have the responsibility to keep the children family members/alters safe. Others have the task of keeping the secret of the abuse.
Internal Self-Helper (ISH): Who knows a lot about the internal family/system and wants to help everyone for the greater good of all. Sometimes they know a great deal of information about each family member/alter and are usually great help in the therapy process.
Fragments: Not fully formed alternate personalities. They only have a single memory or two about specific abuse acts.
Child Members/Alters: Range in all ages from an infant to age eight or so. Child members/alters behave like children. They want to play, color and watch cartoons. Those that suffered abuse are often times destructive and depressed.
Preteen (Tweens): Range in age from 9-11.
Teenager: Members/alters are between 12 and 18 years of age. They are typical teenagers, smacking bubble gum, listening to loud music, wanting to go to parties and hanging out with other teens.
Adults: Members/alters in the family/system over 18 years old. They are very individualistic and may have many talents the host does not have.
Within the categories of Child, Preteen, Teen and Adult members/alters they can be sub groupings of personalities that can be any of the following;
Artistic/music: Members/Alters who enjoy music and artistic pursuits often times create beautiful works of art that the host has no idea where they come from. The host also has no talent him/her self to ever create such a thing.
Cross-gender: Members/Alters who are the opposite sex of the physical body. They may or may not have a different sexual orientation than the host.
Cross-colored: Members/Alters that are different races then the physical body.
Animal members/alters: Any form of animal, but mainly powerful fighters, born to protect. (Examples wolves or werewolves, dragons, tigers, vampires etc.)
Inanimate members/alters: Objects void of feelings, seeing, hearing, speaking (ie.: rocks, trees, walls

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