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The hidden half of domestic violence

How to have eternal life

The Absurdity of feminist DV campaigns

by Jan Deichmohle


As usually, the feminist mud campaign on domestic violence is wrong and
absurd on many levels.

# First Absurdity

In all cultures men always protected both children, the future generation,
and women from dangers. Thus children and women were the safest group. Men
knew hardship, dangers and threats for their lives, doing hard work, risky
work and protecting, whether against wild animals long back, extreme
climate. Men risked their lives in peace and war. Originally - in working
Patriarchies - they were rewarded with respect, love and authority once
keeping the balance, even regarding life span.

Today men still are at a much higher risk, even in a technical society.
Women are still much more safe than men, married women more and married
house wifes most safe.

Male tasks and areas are far more risky. Men are much more exposed to
violence and other risks. They get killed in fights, do almost all dangerous
and dirty jobs, get killed in wars and are rescued last - e.g. when the
Titanic sank. This is a common trait. Many men died after they were called
for cleaning the burnt reactor of Chernobyl in 1986.

Women are protected - men face the risks protecting them.

# Second Absurdity

Domestic violence is very rare when compared to other dangers, as shown by
statistics Walter Schneider has quoted and visualized on his site.

Domestic violence is responsible for about 1 % of women's injury-related
visits to emergency rooms.

Thus domestic violence is a very rare form of violence hardly visible in the
graph comparing it with other dangers. The mud campaign considering women as
victims is very wrong because other risks are much bigger - and
traditionally women were protected from most of these risks- by men.

# Third Absurdity

Even if the statistically much lesser risk at home is regarded, the feminist
smear campaign is again very wrong: Domestic violence is more likely to be
done by women than by men. It’s even more likely to be started by women.
This holds to an even higher degree when emotional violence - “nagging” is

Statistics have been quoted on Patriarchy list.

# Fourth Absurdity

Feminists support female aggression and even debate that female so-called
“revenge” should be always legal. (The reason for the alleged “revenge” is
an invention of their ideology.)

Feminists applauded women murdering or hurting men. A “women’s calendar”
contained a memorial day celebrating the double murder done by a woman.
(Felix Stern, Und wer befreit die Männer?, p. 240, Calendar of feminist
magazine Emma)

Female aggression in life, movies and other media is spread and applauded by
feminists. (See: “The Two Sexes”)

Another lie is the feminist pose stating they’d oppose violence - which
includes aggression according to feminist definition.

Feminists do support aggression and violence if female and feminist. Their
real goal was to blacken men and destroy their authority and reputation
which keeps families and culture working and thus hinders the spreading of
destructive feminist ideology.

Jan Deichmohle

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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