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A Very Special Post from A VERY Special Member
Just wanted to say hello to "The" Founder of this club.
I read your profile and liked it very much, you seem very interesting..
If your not taken, I would very much like to meet you and maybe we can spend the rest of our lives together..
Let me know,, I am a good cook, listener, and love to treat a husband like I would want to be treated. Thank you

MY Reply:

All this sounds great...and I will spend the rest of my life with you....and OK folks RELAX,   mrshusies is my lovely wife Lisa.

Hunsies   THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support in this club and for me. I really appreciate it.



and  a few other members replies:


I gotta admit that I was thinking, 'Wow this lady is bold!' and thought that I was going to have to set her straight. I did have to kinda chuckle at her though.
Lisa, we are truly blessed that you joined this club. I know that Ken is very blessed by your support, and now to be working with you in here, is an Answered Prayer. This is just soooooooooo Awesome! :-)

Well, you certainly had me going there for a minute!!! Whew, now I can breathe normally again.

Welcome, Lisa! God Bless you.

All this sounds great...and I will spend the rest of my life with you....and OK folks RELAX, mrshusies is my lovely wife Lisa.

Tsk tsk Ken, my dear young man I almost gave you a good talking to! Good thing you cleared that up : )
Nice to know you have a marriage where you can still be playful with each other.
Welcome Mrs. Ken : )

Ahhhhh.... That's SWEET. My eye's are
watering up and I'm happy for you both.And I feel the Lord's Joy for both of you.


Ahhh so you see...Christians CAN have fun....and seriously,  I thank God for the support of my lovely wife,  Lisa in the ministry of Shatterd Men. 

I love you and appreciate you Hunsies....


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