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Note: PLEASE read this and please read the note at the bottom of
this poem. I know Jon and Julie personally. They have had TEN
children stolen from them by Child "protective" services. Their
children have been abused much more since being protected then ever
before. They have to be. Jon and Julie have done nothing but love
their children. Yet they each have been accused of unspeakable
crimes and at times by "Christians" NO PROVE needed...there can be
none. It did not happen but in their case as in most others, CPS's
main goal is to get DAD out of the home.

Please read this poem...a Father's voice in prayer....and then lift
your voice in prayer for this father.



What is that wonderful sound I hear?
It's like beautiful music to my ear.
It's the voice of a father lifted in prayer.
In this modern age, a sound quite rare.

God bends His ear toward this sound.
Angels are listening all around.
The sound is wafting to God's Throne.
God sees each tear and hears each groan.

The fervent prayers of a godly man
Move the heart of God--yes! they can!
To the one who prays His Grace will impart.
He hears the pleas of this broken heart.

Listen closely to this voice of prayer.
What are the petitions that it bears?
"Oh, my God, my prayer to Thee--
Hear me now as I bend my knee."

"Help my children, both big and small.
Help them, Jesus, one and all.
Bring my babies back to me
So I can once again their father be."

"Keep them safe within Your care.
Save their souls--this my earnest prayer."
Each child is mentioned by their name
As God's blessings for them does he claim.

"Lord, help Danny, is my plea
Esther and Sheri, Nate, Sammy.
Hannah, Beki, Elisabeth, too.
Charity, Joel--their hearts please woo."

Yes, this father prays on and on.
Imploring help from God's Dear Son.
He prays and prays, both day and night
For God to comfort in this plight.

Oh, what are the sounds my children hear?
Is it the voice of their father near?
Can they hear his tones of love
As he pleads mercy from above?

No, it's not their father's gentle voice
That would cause them to rejoice,
But the sound of TV blaring
Angry voices, cursing, swearing.

No longer can they hear him sing--
That loving father whose voice would ring
Loud and clear in sacred hymn
As he sang his praise and glory to Him.

Now they hear the jazz rock booming,
Hateful words and big doors slamming.
Babies crying for their mommy,
Kids sobbing for their daddy.

Oh, how long before they hear
Again the voice of their daddy clear
As he lifts their names in prayer
Daily as his burden doth bear?

Soon, oh soon, may our children be
Where we can, on bended knee,
Lift our voices together once more
As we did in days of yore!

We sang and prayed and shared together
When in family worship would gather.
Daddy would lead in prayer first,
Then we followed, oldest to youngest.

We heard baby voices so sweet and mild
As each once prayed with faith of a child.
Oh, once again may we hear
Our voices blended in family prayer!

Written by Julia Phillips, August 27, 2004
A family torn apart by CPS in May of 2001

This poem came to me this morning as I was thinking about how Jon
prays for our children. Many times I awaken to the sound of Jon's
voice praying, and I lay there and think what a beautiful sound it
is. So many children have never heard their daddy pray, and it
grieves me that our children can no longer hear their daddy pray.
Many, many children grow up with the TV blaring and hearing their
parents curse and swear. Our children never heard these things in
our home. We did have family worship where we would gather just
before bedtime and pray together. My children heard their father's
voice countless times lifted in prayer, but they never once heard
him say a swear word. My earnest prayer is that our children may
once again hear their father's voice in prayer. I know they will
hear a depth of prayer that was not there before, because adversity
has a way of deepening the prayer life. One thing I know, Jon loves
his children, and his heart is crushed beyond measure. As a mother,
I suffer untold agony over the loss of my children, but seeing a big
man cry and hearing his sobs just has a way of tearing your heart
out. Jon certainly loves his children. I hope this poem touches
your heart.

The Phillips Family


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