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The hidden half of domestic violence

How to have eternal life

7 Things To A Healthy Home

Seriously, healthy, happy homes are marked by these characteristics:

1)FAITH: What are you doing to pass on a solid Biblical faith?

2)LOVE: How does your family love--according to God's standards or the world's?

3)HONESTY/INTEGRITY: Is your family marked by utter truthfulness and trustworthiness?

4)AFFIRMATION/ACCEPTANCE: Do your family members come home to kind words and strong hugs?

5)FORGIVENESS: Is your family involved in the amazing, life-changing, perpetual project of granting and experiencing God's forgiveness?

6)TRADITION: What kind of traditions are you developing and practicing?

7)HUMOR: When is the last time your family howled and hooted, bent over with joy, tears in the eyes?

(From "Marriage Clues for the Clueless", Barbour Publishing, 1999)

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JUNE is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

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