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Since the Domestic Violence Against Men web site went public in November of 1999 we have received hundreds of emails, letters, and phone calls from or about abused men. Our sample is not valid statistically in any fashion and the individuals are often not even self-selected as men don't tell. Commonly we hear about the abuse from the man's parents (usually his mother), his sister, brother, cousin, or other relative, his new girlfriend, or even a neighbor.

While not a statistically valid sample, the problems these men have tend to cluster into specific types that are of qualitative interest.
Abused men who contact us, or whose problems are described to us by those close to them, have typically:











There are, of course, many individual stories that don't include these components and seldom are two stories from different men the same. Age is often a factor and I always ask if the woman is over 35 as perimenopause can put many women over the edge. Young girls are the most violent of all with upwards of 30% or more teenage and college-age women reporting they initiated violence in their relationships in several studies.

May 2004 be a better year for all mankind.

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